Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Comprehensive Bundle For Eliciting Communication In The Pre-K Population

Would you like to take advantage of over 16 years worth of knowledge and tried and true speech therapy techniques for eliciting communication in the 0 to 4 year old population? If so, please consider downloading this comprehensive therapy bundle at our TpT and/or TN stores that will help guide you in every aspect of speech therapy technique training for the young communicator. I believe in the “total communication” approach when teaching my youngest speech therapy students how to speak and have thankfully seen much success with this approach over the years. Children who have come to me with no words, for example, are often seen and heard eliciting their first signs and words during their very first speech session with me to their parents (and my own) delight!

I'm so happy that I can help elicit verbal and non-verbal communication in even the youngest of children and now I'm sharing my secrets on how I can do it! Here are the key elements to my approach: 1) Early sign language, 2) Visual phonics, 3) Early speech sounds and CV & CVCV word work, 4) The development of a picture exchange systems, 5) The development of oral-motor skills and mouth postures for early sound productions, 6) And work with vowel production if needed.

In this bundle you will find 6 of my packets featuring AAC (70 pages), CV+CVCV Words (70 pages), Early Signs (25 pages), Pre-K Concepts (30 pages), Vowels (77 pages), & Early Speech Sounds in Isolation (122 pages).

I think that you will find the packet most helpful for eliciting communication in the youngest of children on your speech therapy caseload and I welcome you to take a closer look at some sample pages on the preview at our Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook stores before making your purchase.

Shanda Gaunt, M.S. CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist

Twin Sisters Speech & Language Therapy

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