Sunday, September 29, 2013

50% OFF FIRST DAY- A Spooktacular Pre-K Speech & Language Unit + black and white worksheets!

This is a Pre-k level speech and language Halloween themed unit. It is 100 pages of all that you would ever need for teaching your preschooler in therapy and in the classroom this coming Halloween. Your sessions will be super spooktacular! 

What's included in this colorful comprehensive unit?

Receptive & Expressive Language:
A Halloween language game with 20 "WH" cards that encourage the use of adjectives, the answering of questions, and vocabulary development.

Fun stuff:
Door signs, Halloween reinforcer pages, games, mazes, Halloween themed coloring and lacing pages

Therapy cards for demonstrating and practicing feelings. 

A variety of concept worksheets targeting sizes.

Early literacy:
Choose the correct first and last letter, letter identification dot page and a letter match activity.

Counting pages, number identification match and dot page

Letter and word trace to copy pages.


Preposition cards and worksheets.  A large variety of pronoun worksheets. 

Therapy cards for SK (like in skeleton), TR (like in trick/treat), and V (like in vampire). Also, initial, medial and final K//C (like in cat, pumpkin and black), play dough articulation mats.

Verbal Expression:
Word, phrase and sentence repetition cards and activities.

Bonus for those who want quick sheets that save on printer ink:
17 black and white worksheets targeting a variety of concepts, colors, grammar and literacy areas!!

No bones about it, this unit has it all!! It is only full of treats.  No tricks!  :)

Please download the preview for the complete contents and directions and to see several example pages. 

Happy Halloween Everyone and thank you for stopping by our store today. We hope that you can enjoy using this wonderful Halloween themed unit in your classroom or therapy room soon!

Manda & Shanda, SLP's

Trick or Treaters seen by my house: Mike & The Black Ninja. :)

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