Thursday, September 5, 2013

Articulation, Articulation and more Articulation

How about having eight great articulation packets available with just the click of your mouse at anytime? Well, you can have that by purchasing both of our useful articulation bundles that have four treatment packets a piece in them!  All the pages have been compressed into zip files so that they don't take up too much room on your computer, but will be waiting for you if and when you need a variety of fun worksheets, games, flashcards, and activities for speech therapy targeting the articulation of early and/or later developing speech sounds. Purchasing a bundle will save you almost 40% off of individual purchasing prices.  These bundles are a cost effective way to build your articulation treatment drawers!

The Later Developing Sounds Articulation Packet includes:
1) S Blend Articulation (75 pages): SN, SL, SK, SP, ST, SW
2) Bug Smash Articulation ( 48 pages): TH & SH + Bug Hunt Articulation for the L & S sounds.
3) Winter Themed Postvocalic R (48 pages): AR, IR, OR
4) Winter Themed Voiced & Voiceless TH Packet (47 pages)

Now For The Early Developing Sounds:

1) Early Speech Sounds In Isolation (122 pages):
B, D, G, H, K, M, N, P, T & W
2) Super Great G & Crazy Cool C & K Articulation Games & Worksheets (91 pages)
3) Speech Sounds Play Dough Mats (37 pages): B, M, K, & G
4) Spring into the NG Sound (67 pages).

Thank you for visiting our blog today and for reading about our new articulation bundles!
Manda & Shanda, SLP's

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