Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Walk Through Our Gruffalo Themed Week

Welcome to this weeks theme- The Gruffalo!

We started out by introducing the characters and vocabulary for the story. Outside our room we played tic-tac-toe to find the mouse, the owl and the Gruffalo. We also worked on prepositions by asking the students to move the mouse around a Gruffalo themed page, and we stacked blocks while repeating the letters of the alphabet. 

As we walked into the speech therapy room we completed patterns, named or repeated shapes, colors, seasons and months of the year. We also worked on the concepts of same and different.

Inside the speech room we completed rhyme card matching and had coloring sheets available to discuss the features of The Gruffalo and the characters in the story. 

Time to read the story!

The speech student was able to reenact the story as it was read to them using the story retell pictures. Articulation targets (i.e. for /s/ students they repeated words such as mouse, snake), literacy targets (i.e. what letter does Gruffalo end with?, which word rhymed in that passage?) and language targets (i.e. answering wh questions, repeating phrases, naming forest animals) were asked of the student as the story was read to them. The older students were asked to read specific passages themselves aloud  in the book while their speech and language goals were targeted as well.

The students always seem to enjoy the find - and - seek pictures while completing their articulation targets. Numerous other  worksheets were utilized for each individual student i.e. literacy, speech and/or language targets- all which are found in our Gruffalo packet. Several activities were laminated and cut and several others were put into sheet protectors and dry erase markers were used.

The Gruffalo is always hungry. He ate a lot of cards this week which targeted comprehension questions, /wh/ questions, articulation targets, concept naming such as numbers/letters/shapes/prepositions and more!

Speech and language goals continued to be addressed with the student as they completed interactive activities such as puzzles, lacing, paint dauber pages and coloring.

It's always fun to complete a craft. We worked on fine motor skills too as we cut out the Gruffalo mask, its eyes and then added a craft stick to become a Gruffalo! We repeated sentences such as "My favorite food! You'll taste good on a slice of bread".:) For another student who was working on final /k/ "My mask!".
At the last few minutes of the session we watched a scene from 
The Gruffalo The Movie!

This week was so much fun. It's such a delight to watch children enjoy a book and the Gruffalo was new to many of them. I think we may have some new Gruffalo book likers now! We hope you enjoyed the walk through of our Gruffalo themed sessions from this week. Most of the activities in this post came from our Gruffalo packet. As we worked through the week we did see a few updates that were needed in the packet. So, if you have already purchased The Gruffalo packet at our TpT and/or TN stores please redownload the newest version which has been uploaded as of 9/15/2013. 

Thank you for stopping by! Have a terrific day everyone!

Shanda and Manda 

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