Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fun With CV and CVCV Words With Pre-K Concepts

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When I am introducing words in therapy I begin with CV words i.e bee, tea, boo, me, bow, no, bye. Then, I have the kids assimilate into CVCV words such as:  Bobby, teddy, nanny, baby, mama, baa baa. The consonant to vowel combo is easier to produce in the initial and medial position of words initially.  Then, it is best to move production tries into a two syllable word.  

The approach to easier to say words to more developed words comes from treatment methods for Childhood Apraxia of Speech- A link for more information on Childhood Apraxia of Speech is here:  ASHA definition of Apraxia.

An SLP at the forefront for treatment in this area is Nancy Kaufman. A link to her site is here: Nancy Kaufman SLP.  She has given valuable research and treatment methods for Childhood Apraxia of Speech which has greatly shaped mine, and I know numerous other SLP's, methods of treatment for our early talkers.

Although the word concept from CV to CVCV words is a method for little ones who may have characteristics of apraxia, the method works from natural speech development so I have found I can use it for almost all of my early talkers. I discovered that I was using the same materials over and over for the targeting of these early words. I wanted to make some new materials which would be motivating, promote turn taking, and the development of early language concepts, while at the same time, encouraging the production of cv and cvcv words.  The kiddos really enjoy being able to be interactive while they work hard at their word imitations.  The packet contains CV and CVCV words in activities that you can put in a sheet protector and have the little one try to trace or circle targets. Other pages have interactive scenes where you can cut out the objects and have them glue them on the respective scene while they imitate the CV or CVCV words as well.  I encourage you to laminate the interactive pages and put Velcro dots on the scene and the objects so the pages can be used over and over again if desired. Others involve coloring, sorting, and many include encouragement of early language concepts such as: shapes, letters, numbers, biggest/smallest, above/below, matching, who is different, and who is in the middle.  By the way, the packet is 60 pages!  I think that you will find a lot of useful activities within in!


I really hope you find the packet fun and beneficial to use with your early talkers! Please let me know if you have any questions, and/or comments.

All in Speech and Language fun,

Shanda Gaunt MS CCC/SLP

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