Wednesday, October 17, 2012

*updated Post 4/10/2013: Pre-K Concepts with Targeted Productions of Final Consonants

 I have seen many children who are deleting their final sounds in words. Since many of my kids have language concept goals as well, I combined these two goals in this new packet.  The packet contains the following Pre-K language goals at the same time targeting the production of final sounds in words.  
1. Naming of objects and animals with a final sound focus.
2.   Tracing a line while attempting to say each sound in the word.
3.   Putting shapes around targets.
4.   Tic-Tac-Toe for turn taking and naming.
5.   Finding the differences in pictures.
6.   Naming who is smallest and largest.
7.   Naming objects inside targeted shapes.
8.   Naming what object comes next in a pattern.
9.   Choosing the correct end sound of a picture.
10.Counting objects and repeating a sentence i.e. “I see seven frogs”.
11. Naming what is in the middle.
12. Matching pictures.

 Each concept is repeated twice to help with reinforcement of each concept and to give consistent practice of words with end sounds that are appropriate to the Pre-K population. The packet can be printed off, put into sheet protectors and all activities can be completed using a dry erase marker. It has been very motivating and fun to use with my kiddos!  I sure hope others will find it useful as well.  The Fun Pack can be found at our TpT and Teacher Notebook sites using the following links:

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Notebook
Please let me know of any questions and if you find the packet useful and fun to use as well!

All in speech and language fun,

Updated 4/10/2013 *Please follow this link for information on final consonant deletions and our new packet focusing on it:

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