Monday, December 30, 2013

2 BRAND NEW UNITS! 50% off first 24 hours- Valentine's Day Pronouns & Oh, So Sweet Articulation- B & W worksheets targeting the L,R, S, TH & V Sounds!

Oh, So Sweet Articulation at Teachers Notebook

* Please view the previews at each store for detailed contents and direction pages of each unit. Also, slides are provided at the end of this post which show what is included in this unit.

Hello! Do you want the opportunity to save on a ton of printer ink while being prepared for the whole entire winter for articulation therapy sessions? How about having numerous useful and fun worksheets that target different articulation goals and levels and that are easy to access and then distribute to one student or to a group of students? 

If these opportunities sound helpful to you, than we think you may want to consider purchasing this new Valentine's Day Themed Articulation document! The worksheets are fantastic because they can be used for therapy sessions or for take home practice! And the packet targets some of the most common sounds that we are working on lately with our students: The L, R, S, V and TH. How about you? Do you also have students who need to work on these commonly misarticulated sounds?

We have created worksheets that are both sweet and fun and some are at the consonant level, some are at the word level, some are at the phrase and sentence levels and even a few carryover activities have been included! 

We hope that we have you covered! Please see the detailed preview to review the contents and several actual worksheets that you will find in this large articulation unit. 

Have a happy and healthy winter season and a Valentine's Day full of love and good things!

Valentine's Day Pronouns at Teachers Notebook

Pronouns, pronouns, pronouns! We know that many of you have liked and used a lot of our past pronoun documents. That made us want to make a new Valentine's themed packet. We hope you find it sweet and useful! We appreciate all of our teacher and therapist buyers so very much. Sending out love to you all! Please see preview at TpT or TN for full details of contents and directions. Also, see below articulation slides for further details on this sweet unit!



Saturday, December 21, 2013

Love It and List It: Holiday Activities

Hello!  We are linking up with Jenna Rayburn from Speech Room News for this months linky party! This linky party is for us all to share our favorite holiday activities. We had SO MUCH FUN this past week in our speech room, that we just knew that we had to share some of what we did too!  

It was fun to complete these Christmas tree ornaments while targeting speech and language goals such as: direction following, sentence repetition and identification of colors and number counting. In addition, the students enjoyed learning prepositions and following directions with activities from our Gingerbread Auditory Comprehension: 1, 2, and 3- Step Direction Following Unit and Christmas Pronouns: he, she, they, him, her/s, his,their/theirs Units. 
We completed holiday puzzles from our Very Merry Pre-K Christmas Speech, Language and Literacy Unit. Other activities from this unit  were used a lot this week too such as: the roll a number, the tic-tac-toe game, and the bingo verbal expression game to name a few. 

The connect -the- dots game page in our Christmas Phonological Awareness B&W Worksheets was also popular and is free along with other fun sheets.
Who doesn't like a cookie?:) Fun and "yums" were seen and heard while we targeted direction following and concepts while we decorated sugar cookies during therapy.  We love and appreciate our students so very much. They seemed to enjoy the gifts we gave them (holiday bags, treats, stamping booklets, and holiday activity books) and we were very thankful for the ones we received!! 

We completed many articulation worksheets and activities such as those found in our Christmas Cheer Articulation Unit For The: L, R, S, Th sounds, Miss Gator Speechie's S-Blend Christmas Tree Unit, and Gold CountrySLP's Oh Christmas Tree! Articulation Worksheets 340 Words.  It was terrific having such a wide variety of articulation activities and worksheets to choose from!  It certainly made planning for targeted individual student goals easy.  

The students enjoyed the holiday decorations, reading and naming speech targets in the holiday books. The Santa Clause was a big hit as well.  The students attempted to throw a bean bag cookie in Santa's mouth as we discussed holiday themed vocabulary and worked on sentence level verbal expression, e.g., "I see a gingerbread house", "We put a wreath on the door". 

It's truly such a fun and wonderful time of year for doing speech and language therapy with our students!

Manda and I hope that you and your whole family have a very blessed holiday season and a healthy and happy 2014!  

Remember to check out the rest of the  Linky party!  Just click on the  picture below to see how other bloggers shared their holiday favorites too.
Best Wishes!
Shanda and Manda, SLPs

Sunday, December 15, 2013




Manda's labor of love that was developed after several years of working with frontal lispers who incorrectly produce the "S" sound has been revised extensively!  She has made many, many, many revisions and additions to her frontal lisping document and we hope that you can use the workbook in order to help your own students or for yourself if you are having trouble producing your "S" sound.  The steps in the program come after years of finding out what really works to help to correct tongue, lip and jaw positioning when producing the "S" sound.

Please go to your TpT or TN stores to download the new version and to receive your new "workbook" (it's 161 pages) on how to remediate the "S" sound and eliminate a frontal lisp.  Or, if you have not previously purchased it, now would be a great time to buy it, as we have put it on sale for 50% off for the next 24 hours!

Here are the lisping program steps as outlined in the workbook:


We hope that you find this post helpful.  Best wishes to you all!
Manda & Shanda,
Twin Sisters Speech & Language Therapy

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fire Station Fun This Week In Speech Therapy!

Hi! WE ARE ON FIRE this week because we are doing a fire station themed unit before we inundate ourselves with Christmas themed speech and language materials for the next two weeks!  Here's a quick summary of some of the activities that we are doing.  Please feel free to use or adapt these therapy activities for your own therapy, classrooms, or home environments! 

1) Find the emergency vehicle puzzle pieces in the beans.  This activity gave us the opportunity to practice past tense verbs, and the verbal repetition of multi-syllable words.  For example: "I found the ambulance". "I put the helicopter in the puzzle". Buy a bunch of kidney beans.  They are great for hiding stuff in!  Added bonus: they feel smooth and relaxing to put your hands in and out of.  You can buy your own big bag of kidney beans at your local grocery store and a plastic bin at the hardware store or local Target/WalMart. That will make you ready for your own sensory table/bucket that can be used for hiding just about anything in for a kid to find.  Kids love it! 

2) We completed a tremendous amount of literacy and language worksheets found in our own therapy drawers and on the Internet.  These two worksheets shown below are from Other sites that provided us with great freebies are: and 

 3) We worked a lot on pronouns and prepositions! This is a picture of the female and male firefighters that moved all around the fire station themed page after we gave instructions to the child.  For example: "Put her next to the hydrant", "Put him under the fire truck".  This activity is found in our packet called, "Early Prepositions and Pronouns Found at the Firehouse". Click on the link or the picture of the product below to be taken to Teachers pay Teachers if you want to purchase it for yourself. 

 4) More preposition work and another example of an activity that is found in our fire station packet!  Preposition Puppy! For example, "Put the bone in his mouth".  "Put the bone beside the puppy". 

5) This is our own awesome fire station.  It is made by Kid Kraft and it is a very good quality interactive toy. The kids loved playing with it.  We worked on a lot of speech, language, concepts, and vocabulary as we moved the firemen, policemen, fire dog, furniture and vehicles around the three story firehouse.  For example: "Put the fireman in the ladder truck". "Tell me what types of furniture do you see in the living room". "Can you find three objects that start with the letter "F"?  

 6) This was a fun way to work on our fire words.  That is a nice way to say that we were working on our words that start with a F! We put water in a little squirt gun that we bought from Oriental Trading Company and squirted water onto the "fires" as we repeated our words.  The words were glued on the firehouse background paper from one of our sticker scenes and then laminated to keep the water from getting it wet.  This activity was a hit! The kiddos took home their own little fire extinguisher squirt guns, firehouse sticker scenes and firefighter hats.  All of these items were bought at Oriental Trading Company.  Not expensive at all! 

7) At the door we completed patterns and named colors of different fire hydrants. 

We hope that you too can have a fun fire themed therapy week one time.  It's a lot of fun!!
Best wishes, 
Manda & Shanda

Sunday, December 8, 2013


I am loving many of my recent Teachers pay Teachers purchases!!  Here's a summary of some of the great things that I have been trying out in my therapy room this past week. Please click on the pictures of each product in order to be taken to Teachers pay Teachers to buy your own copies of these great documents!
1) Jenna Rayburn's Guess the Gift: Inferencing Speech Therapy Activity with QR codes.  Super fun for working on inferences. The student's love using the code scanner that is located on my iPhone to complete these tasks and they think that they are so clever when they figure them out!   

2) Jenn Alcorn's Gingerbread Grammar Treats. This is a perfect packet for this month and it targets a ton of grammar areas such as: word order, conjunctions, pronouns, verb tense and noun-verb agreement. I love gingerbread and the whole packet is cute to use and will be a great packet to have when I work with my older students working on increasing language and grammar skills. 

3) KristinM12's Winter Speech Homework Bundle. This 69 page packet is terrific!  It is filled with a ton of homework pages that target both language and articulation skills. I'm sure that I will use it a ton this whole entire winter season!I usually feel that I haven't totally finished my job if I don't give at least some homework to my students because I only get to see them once a week. 
4.  The Enlightened Elephant's Winter Wonderland Animal clip art set. One of my next goals in life is to make my own children's book.  This clip art is going to get me started on the goals of writing my own story and than later creating my own story book companion from my own book. This clip art is going to help me achieve that personal goal as my first story is going to be about wintertime animals. 
5) Miss Gator Speechie's S Blend Christmas Tree document. This cute activity pack gives me the chance to work on a variety of S blends with my students this December! There are 6 of each blend provided and the blends that are included are: sn, st, sk, sl, sm, sw, and sp. S blends are a tough one to accomplish and seem to be one of the last areas of achievement for many of my students. I can't seem to get enough material for this articulation area!
6) LyndaSLP123's Zany Zebra Absurdities. I love this accurate and cute activity that gives me the chance to address absurd sentence recognition with my students.  The student gets a chance to practice correcting silly sentences and they are also asked to explain what makes the sentence absurd in the first place.  A great packet that works on a hard to teach area.  I just love it!  
7) Carly Fowler's Good Night Gorilla Book Companion.  I just had to get this because it has been a favorite book of my boys for a long time!  I can't tell you how many times that I have read this book to my oldest and how many times that my oldest has now read it to my youngest!  I'm really looking forward to sharing one of my favorite family read books with my students and now I have a wonderful story book companion to use with the book.  I'm super excited!!  

That's some of my most favorite recent purchases.  I'm such a lucky duck to have had the opportunity to pick these up at the cyber sale and to now have them in my therapy drawer all ready to be used at any time. Thank you so much to all of the very talented authors and creators of these documents!!


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Phonological Awareness B&W Worksheets + FREE Fun sheets!

Have a jolly ole' time this winter working on phonological awareness with your Christmas time students using this common core aligned packet. 

We have included a variety of B&W worksheets that can be printed out using a minimal amount of ink and used instantly with your students who need to work on increasing their phonological awareness skills.

Some areas worked on in this packet include: sound and letter identification, rhyming, syllable counting, word counting in sentences, and phoneme isolation.

Please see the common core description in the preview to see how this packet would be a great one to use with the kindergarten to 1st grade population and even older students with on-going phonological awareness difficulties.

Also, the preview will give you a close look at the contents of the packet and pictures of some of the pages included in the packet.


Have a holly, jolly, Christmas. It's the best time of the year!! :)

Manda Riebel, M.A. CCC-SLP &
Shanda Gaunt, M.S. CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologists

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our awesome purchases from the big Cyber Sale at TpT!

Whew!  The cyber sale is over at TPT and it was quite a ride!  We purchased several new documents for ourselves and saw sales like we have never seen before from our own store.  It was a ton of fantastic fun! 

Overall, we want to say that we were simply humbled by the outpouring of support that was shown and we can't really use words to express to everyone enough how much we appreciate your willingness to buy and then use our therapy materials with your own students and children. We are simply honored, grateful and appreciative of your support! Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts! 

And thank you so much for posting your wonderful documents for the opportunity for us to fill up our own therapy drawers with new and innovative materials. Today, we are going to share links to the products that Shanda purchased.  Mine will come soon!  Again, thank you all so much.  Each and every purchase was money well spent and we think that every one is simply awesome and we can't wait to print them out, laminate and use ASAP!

Love our followers and supporters!!  Have a wonderful day! Manda

Shanda's Purchases and feedback: *Also, click on each picture to be sent to the products descriptions at Teachers pay Teachers in order to purchase your own copies of each document.  You won't be disappointed!! 

Color & Say: Final Sounds (articulation practice)
Color and Say: Final Sounds (articulation practice) by LyndaSLP123
* This packet will be fun and helpful to complete with my little ones working on final consonant deletions.
Color & Say: Early Developing Sounds (articulation practice)
Color and Say: Early Developing Sounds (articulation practice) by LyndaSLP123. Thanks to Lynda for making the perfect activity (coloring) to use with our youngest communicators. 
Teacher Recommendation for Speech Therapy Dismissal
Teacher Recommendation for Speech Therapy Dismissal by Christin Sanders. Thank you Christin for making this wonderful form. I needed this form today and put it to use as soon as I made the download.  Awesome!!
Speech Therapy Articulation Practice Pack for Apraxia
Speech Therapy Articulation Practice for Apraxia by Tech 'n Talk SLPs. 
Dice games are such a hit with all ages. The word, phrase and sentence levels for this activity packet make it superb!
Rock 'n' Roll Articulation - R    360 words!
Rock 'n' Roll Articulation -R 360 Words! by GoldCountrySLP. 
Tracy knows how to make articulation practice fun and productive. I will be using this tomorrow with all my post-vocalic r students!
3 Ask Away Activities:  r, r blends & vocalic r
3 Ask Away Activities: r, r blends and vocalic r by All Y'All Need. 
All Y-All Need makes the most fun and helpful products around. I can't wait to do this activity with my students.
IEP Case Manager Teacher Feedback Form
IEP Case Manager Teacher Feedback Form by Lisa Goodell. 
Excellent resource for managing your next IEP meeting and ensuring teacher input for SLP students.
Edge It Set 2 -  Borders Great For Worksheet Edges!
Edge It Set 2- Borders Great for Worksheet Edges! by Graphics From the Pond. 
Love how these borders don't waste paper and look great on every page!


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