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AAC Choice Boards For Early Communicators With Pictures & AAC Board Templates

AAC Choice Boards For Early Communicators With Pictures & AAC Board Templates

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This packet provides you with a variety of two, three, and four choice picture boards for the early communicator. We have also provided several pages of colored pictures that can be used to make your own individualized choice boards for your young students who are having difficulty communicating verbally. We have found that access to a choice board can become an essential component in the communication process for young children who are unable to verbally express their wants and needs successfully. We hope you find them useful too!


Manda & Shanda, SLP's

Contents and Directions:
Page 3: Contents and directions page.
Page 4: Information on choice boards.
Pages 5-21:Pictures for making individualized choice boards.
Pages 5-10: FOODS
Pages 11-12: CLOTHING
Page 13: PLACES
Pages 19-20: THINGS
Page 21: ACTIONS
*Print, laminate, cut out, add a Velcro dot to the back of chosen pictures. Encourage the child to take
the picture off their board and hand it to you in order for them to make their choice.
*Taking your own pictures of the toys, foods, activities, and people in your child’s life is recommended,
as well, to be used along with the provided pictures.
Pages 22-24: Two, three, and four choice blank board pages.
Print, laminate, add opposite Velcro dots to chosen level board.
Pages 25-70: Two dimensional boards.
Print, choose two, three, or four choice boards. Have young communicator point to their choices.
Pages 25-44: Pre-made two choice boards.
Pages 45-57: Pre-made three choice boards.
Pages 58-70: Pre-made four choice boards.

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