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We put together three awesome bundles for you today! They are such a great savings today during the BOOST sale over at TpT that we wanted to spread the word before the day ended!  Usually these bundles are already such a great deal (up to 30% off the included documents) and today you can save an additional 28% off of that!  That is 58% off!!!  Please come over and check them out.  We would love for you all to have the chance to take advantage of the savings.  

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Linky Party and New Products!
Our SLP blogger friend, Jennifer from SLP Runner is having a linky party! Many other talented and wonderful SLPs are linky up to her blog site to show off some of their own newest and most favorite documents. (Click on the image to check  out the linky party).  We thought that we too would join in on the fun and would link up to show everyone what we have added to our TpT and TN stores lately.  We have been busy creating a lot of new materials for the new school year!   Teachers Pay Teachers is having a 1-day Back to School Boost Sale. It's on August 20th.  The Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC store will be 20% off the entire day and if you use the special code: BOOST at your checkout to receive an additional 10% off your order courtesy of TpT. 30% off will certainly be great for being able to add some shiny new materials to your therapy sessions and for getting your new school year started out just right! Here are some our newest and most shiniest products that we have just added to our store. We have had such a great time creating all of these for you and we hope they will be just what you are looking for to add to some fun to your speech, laguage and literacy sessions! Please click on the pictures and links below to be directed to Teachers Pay Teachers to learn all about each product.

General & Holiday Themed Speech Therapy Door Signs & Coloring Pages FREEBIE!!!

It's August 19th, and that's our birthday friends! 

We are celebrating another happy and healthy year of life together with a fun vacation this week and we are also spreading the happiness to our speech therapist friends with a freebie!

Here it is:
It's our totally updated speech therapy door signs and speech and language therapy coloring pages just for you! They are designed for posting and use during many holidays and seasons and some are just general-themed so that you can keep them up all year long.  :)  Here are a few for you to see:

We have also included a brand new back to school poster and two back to school coloring pages that could be used right now!  They would be fun to take out during the first week of school as an easy thing for your students to do while you discuss the up-incoming school year with them.  Perhaps you could talk speech therapy goals while they color?

We hope that you enjoy this birthday gift from us to you and that you all have a great school year!

Go to this link to our Teachers pay Teachers store to download this 24 page freebie today!!

Also, you can find it at Teachers Notebook by clicking HERE too:)


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50% off for first 24 hours: FALL ARTICULATION TH, SH, V + OPEN ENDED PAGES

INTRODUCING:  Our fall articulation, no prep, quick print (all sheets are in ink-saving black and white) unit for targeting the /TH/, /SH/, or /V/ sounds! All sounds are targeted at the consonant to word levels and we have even included open ended worksheets for targeting any sound. All you have to do is write in the word! That makes this unit perfect for anyone on your caseload this coming fall!

You will love how fun these worksheets are and we just know that you will find them useful for targeting articulation for many of your students. We have made worksheets that target the individual sound, the sound plus a vowel, and words that have the sound in the initial, medial and final position of words.

What's great about this packet of worksheets, is that you can print one out for an individual student and/or print out a whole packet in order to target a whole group of students. Of course the worksheets also make perfect homework assignments. This product is versatile and comprehensive!

Please see the detailed previews at our TpT and/or TN stores to review the contents and several actual worksheets that you will find in this large articulation unit.


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Another big back to school sale- this one is at Teachers Notebook!

Teachers Notebook back to school sale & sweepstakes!

Teachers Notebook will be hosting their annual back to school sale this weekend, August 9-12. In addition, buyers have the opportunity to enter a sweepstakes to win a Teachers Notebook gift certificate! The nice people over at Teachers Notebook are giving away 100 of them! Wowzers!!

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Have a fantastic return back to school with a new drawer full of great speech, language and literacy documents!

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It's Time To Blast Off Into Another FANTASTIC School Year!! Enjoy 28% Off of ALL Twin Speech Products!!

We are so happy to let all of our fantastic followers know that we are offering 20% off of all our speech, language and literacy documents during the August 4th and 5th TpT Blast Off Sale.  

Please stop by and take a look at some of our new documents.  They could be a fantastic addition to your therapy and teaching drawers for the up-incoming school year!!  See the links below.  

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Labor Day Letters, Literacy & Crafts: A great unit for learning about letters and community workers!

Back To School Speech, Language & Literacy: A terrific resource for teachers or therapists for pre-k to 2nd graders!

Comprehensive L Blend Articulation Unit: BL, CL, FL, GL, PL, SL: All you would ever need for helping to improve L blend articulation!!

Monster Truck Themed Kindergarten Readiness Packet & Kindergarten Screener:  This would be terrific to have at the start and end of the school year for tracking student progress! 

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Book Review and Giveaway: Preschool Stuttering: What Parents Can Do

Help Me Talk Right's photo.

Hello! We are happy that you have stopped by the blog today in order to read our most recent book review.  The book is about preschool stuttering and we hope that you can take the time to read the review and also enter to win one of the books for yourself via the Rafflecopter giveaway that is at the bottom of the post.  
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The author of the book that we are reviewing today is, Mirla G. Raz.  She is a certified and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist who has been working as a clinician for over 40 years. She has said, "I have been keenly aware of the significant role parents play in the progress of their children during therapy.  When parents understand their child's disorder and commit to doing their part to help their child, their child's progress is positively affected. When it comes to helping the preschool child who stutters, the assistance of the parents is paramount." This advice is an example of why she wrote the book, Preschool Stuttering: What Parents Can Do, and her 40 years of personal experience helps to illustrate why we feel that she has the background and knowledge to do so. 

First, we would like to say that we feel that Preschool Stuttering: What Parents Can Do, is a thorough and complete book that provides valuable information on stuttering.  It helps the reader to better understand what stuttering is, ideas behind causes, the viewpoint and feelings associated with stuttering, and what can be done to help a preschooler who is exhibiting signs.  

What we also like, is that the book is free of technical jargon and that it easy to read!  In fact, it has been designed for a variety of reading audiences, i.e., parents, speech pathologists, speech assistants, teachers and/or pediatricians and all of them will be able to read and understand the useful information that is provided.This makes the information easy to explain to others.

When parents first hear their child stutter, they may feel scared and helpless. They may wonder what they can do to help him/her so that they don't grow up stuttering. Preschool Stuttering: What Parents Can Do gives parents the tools that will help them help their child. The book outlines and explains the following and more:

-what happens when a child stutters

- stuttering facts

- the role of emotions in stuttering

- the emotions and roles of the parents

-what can cause the child’s stutter to be better or worse

- the impact of the child’s environment

-what parents can do if they want to help their child stop stuttering

-when and where to seek professional help

-what to expect when seeking professional help

In chapter one, "Understanding Stuttering," many important points are made which address parental concerns and questions about their child's stuttering.  It will also help clinicians as they work with the preschool population as they will have an easy to read guide for the stuttering population on their case loads.  Highlights of the chapter include the importance of mentioning that there is no known medical reason for stuttered speech along with the mention that parents themselves are not the cause of the stutter.  The importance of early intervention is also described. Chapter one helps the reader to quickly identify how it will be an important stuttering resource to caregivers and therapist. It outlines and guides them through a variety of questions and concerns and shows them what type of useful information that will be discussed in the next chapters.  

Chapter two "Viewpoints and Reactions" is another informative chapter that provides a lot of guidance. Parents are often concerned with how society will react to their child who stutters and they have their own perceptions on it as well. It was fascinating to read how Ms. Raz actually gives researched based evidence on how the actual person who stutters view themselves versus how others do. The chapter continues with easy to understand examples of actual stuttering moments and helps to characterize a mild, moderate and severe stutter. These examples provide excellent information for parents and therapists. 

Chapter three "Stuttering and Emotions" is an incredibly well written and valuable chapter. It addresses how children react to their stutter, and how very important it is to watch and listen to children who stutter. Understanding how emotions are such a key factor in stuttering is probably the most important lesson for parents and therapists to remember. Parents play such an important role in aiding how a child will react and feel about their stuttering moments. The chapter has a wonderful list of do's and don'ts listing advice on what should be avoided and what can be implemented as more beneficial along with the reasons why. The importance of listening first and then reacting is highlighted throughout and is so very true as I've seen this time and time again in my own home observed therapy sessions where the family unit is gathered all around the stutterer. 

Chapter four "Different Environments, Events, and People" is a chapter where Ms. Raz details how the structured environment enhances fluency. It discusses the different types of home environments that children live in.  Here is a very interesting section from that chapter:

Pg 40:                   
A recent study examined different patterns of parenting between families of children who stutter and those who do not stutter. It was found that caring, less demanding and less authoritarian parenting styles contributed to fluency. Demanding, authoritarian parents and lack of parental warmth impeded fluency (Beilby). This is not to say that a lack of rules and discipline is good. Rather, it is important that children have rules to follow and that parents be consistent in their discipline without being authoritarian. 

This preschool stuttering book makes it easy for a parent to decipher which type of home structure that theirs may fall under. It gives helpful advice on what environment is most beneficial for a child who stutters. It continues on to give advice for other environments (such as preschools and day cares) and how events such as holidays and stressful occasions can influence stuttering in children. It reveals helpful information for other family members and other relatives as well.

Chapter five "Professional Help" gives information on when professional help may be necessary. It compares the different speech therapy service methods, issues with payment, questions for potential speech pathologists, and ways to get therapy to work for the child. As an SLP who works with families with persons who stutter I found the suggestions in this chapter incredibly true and very relevant.

Chapter six "Questions and Answers" has just what a parent and therapist is looking for. It has Q and A of just about anything I have ever been asked of a parent or had asked myself in the past. Very, very good and helpful. The book concludes with many other helpful charts, lists of further reading, information records and acknowledgements.

It asks and answers question such as:
Is It Better to Do Speech Therapy in a Small Group Setting or Individually?
Is My Child Bothered By His Disfluencies?
Does It Mean My Child Has Emotional Problems Because He Stutters?
When Did Adults Who Stutter Begin Stuttering?

In conclusion: I wanted to sincerely thank Ms. Raz for the extreme privilege of being able to review her excellent book on preschool stuttering. In my opinion it is a MUST READ for all parents and clinicians who work with, or have questions about children with a possible stutter.  

A link for purchasing is listed below. Please buy your copy today. I'm convinced that you will not be disappointed!  Also, Ms. Raz is generously providing a free copy to one of our readers of this review today. Enter the raffle copter giveaway below to see if you will become that one lucky winner.

Title: Preschool Stuttering: What Parents Can Do
Series: Help Me Talk Right
Author: Mirla G. Raz
Publisher: GerstenWeitz Publishers
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 128 in 6x9 paperback
ISBN: 9780963542625
Publication Date: March 17, 2014 paper and ebook versions
Illustrations: No
Index: No
Bibliography: Yes
Price: $12.99 paperback edition
Publisher’s Address: 8356 E. San Rafael Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Publisher’s Phone: 480 951 9707      Fax: 480 993 2169
Contact Name: Mirla G. Raz

Ordering Information
(The book is also available as an ebook on Amazon for $9.99)

Image of Mirla G. Raz

Author: Mirla G. Raz, a certified and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, lives and works in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. She has worked extensively with the pediatric population remediating speech sound disorders, language disorders and stuttering. Ms. Raz’s popular Help Me Talk Right series of books have been used by parents and professionals throughout world. Information about the books and her blog, Apps for Speech Therapy, can be found on her website,

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