Monday, December 31, 2012

Valentine's Day Pre-K Concepts

Please download this wonderful Valentine's Packet to work on concepts with your Pre-K kiddos. We think that it will be a lot of sweet fun for you and your students!

Contents of concept packet:
Pages 3: Matching Fun/Go Fish Cards with different colored hearts.
Pages 4: Can you name the shapes and the colors in the hearts?
Pages 5: Draw a line to the matching Valentine object.
Page 6: Which Valentine picture comes next in the sequence?
Page 7: Name the letters.
Page 8: Circle what is above the line and cross out who is below.
Page 9: Can you stay on the line as you trace it?
Page 10: Name all the Valentine objects in the circles.
Page 11: Can you circle who is the smallest?
Page 12: Who is in the middle?
Page 13: Choose the correct beginning sound.
Page 14: Name the numbers.
Pages 15-16: Cut out the girls and boys and paste them onto the he/she sorting mat.
Page 17-18: Cut out and name the Valentine gifts as you glue them onto the heart.
Page 19: Count the silly Valentine Monsters.
Page 20: Trace the letters.
Page 21: Circle who is different.
Page 22: Sequence the bear from smallest to biggest.
Page 23: Name who is a boy and who is a girl.
Page 24: Cut out and assemble the he and she puzzles.
Page 25: Following 1 step directions as you color the Valentine’s Day picture.

Manda & Shanda, SLP's

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