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SLIP - SWIRVE - STOP - SNOW! Tips on how to help a student produce "S" Blends!

Info on "S" Blends:
Many children have difficulty producing the /S/ in /S/ blend words. Most of the time, they don't have the feeling of continuing the /S/ into the second sound of the word. They often leave the /S/ off when they try to produce the word.

Children often respond positively to the use of tactile, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic cues in order to produce /S/ blend words.  These cues are used when breaking apart the /S/ from the consonant that is in the second spot of the word.  An example of a tactile cue would be to have the child trace their finger down their arm while saying the “S”. 

In our /S/ blend packet, you will be provided with pictures of a slide and monkey bars.  The child will be asked to trace their fingers down the slide and across the monkey bars while producing the “S” and than they will be encouraged to produce the P, K, L, W, or N consonants. 


Comprehensive "S" Blends Articulation Packet

S blends packet at Teachers Pay Teachers

S blends packet at Teachers Notebook

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A "S" Blends Screener. This will help you decide if your child or student needs to work on his or hers "S" blend productions or not.  Click Here

This 74 page packet will provide you with a large variety of fun games, worksheets and activities for addressing /S/ blends with your articulation students. Students working on reading /S/ blends will also find this packet very beneficial! We hope you enjoy using it and find it useful!
Contents and Directions For the “S”Blend Packet:Page 4: Tips for producing “S” blends.
Page 5: “S” Blend Screener. Have the student repeat or read the words aloud. Misarticulated words could be the ones worked on.
Page 6: Follow pointer finger along the monkey bars to elicit a nice “S” before saying “ST”.
Page 7: “S” slide visual cuing page for “ST” words. Have the child follow their pointer finger down the slide to elicit a prolonged “S” sound before attempting to say the “ST”.
Page 8-9: Two pages of “ST” words for playing memory match or the Go Fish card game.
Page 10: “ST” word roll. Roll a die and write down the word that is under that number. Say the word the number of times showed on the die too.
Page 11: “ST” tic-tac-toe. Say the word when you write down your “X” or “O”.
Page 12: Find the “ST” words in the Seek-n-Find picture. Repeat, “I circled the___”.
Page 13: Repeat or read the “ST” blend words in sentences.
Page 14: Repeat or read the “ST” blend words in paragraphs.
Page 15: The start of the “SP” blend articulation unit.
Page 24: The start of the “SK” blend articulation unit.
Page 33: The start of the “SL” blend articulation unit.
Page 42: The start of the “SW” blend articulation unit.
Page 52: The start of the “SN” blend articulation unit.
Page 62: Connect the /S/ blend sentence with the matching picture.
Page 63: Fill in the /S/ blend word that completes a sentence.
Pages 64 to 74: The “SL” and “SW” folder activity. This includes 4 pages of full colored picture word cards and 4 pages of sentence level photo cards. Put the “SL” words in the slot on the “Slippery Slide” folder side and the “SW” words in the slot on the “Swinging Swing” side of the folder.
Another idea: Tape different “SL” or “SW” pictures around the room and play, “I Spy”. Say, “I spy with my little eye, a picture of a slide”. Wait for the student to find the picture. When they find it they can point to it and say back, “I spy the slide”.

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