Saturday, December 29, 2012

An Exercise To Increase Eye Contact & To Work on "WH" Questions

We are getting set for our second favorite holiday.  Valentine's Day!!  It is such a fun one!  This great speech and language activity will be one that I will be using a lot for sure.  So many of my kiddos need to look at me more when they are talking and listening.  The cute owl puppet and his big eyes should serve as a great cueing item for the kiddos.  I hope it helps to increase eye contact with the students that you are working with too!

It is important for children to learn to increase their eye contact with their listeners. This packet helps to address that important skill. It is a cute Valentine themed packet addressing eye contact and the language activity of answering "WHO", "WHERE", and "WHAT" questions.

We hope you find it beneficial and we also hope that you all have a sweet Valentine's Day!

Directions and Content of this adorable and useful packet: 
Page 3. Cut out Mr. Eye Contact Owl and glue or tape a popsicle stick on his back. Hold up the owl right next to your own eyes during the question exercises. Be sure to remind your students how important it is to “watch” and to make eye contact when they are talking to other people. 
Pages 4 to 6. Print out the, “WHO”, “WHERE” and “WHAT” birds nests. Lay them out on the table in front of the child. Secondly, print out pages 7 to 12. These are the every day themed “WH” question cards. Turn over the owl pages and glue the question pages on the back of the owls. The boxes should match up perfectly. Cut out the double sided cards once the glue dries. Have the student answer the, “WHO”, “WHERE”, and “WHAT” questions and then sort them into the correct birds nest. 
Pages 13 to 17. Print, laminate, and cut out the Valentine’s Day Themed questions and game board to play a board game that targets the answering of “WHO”, “WHAT” or “WHERE” questions that are related to Valentine’s Day. Print off pages 18 to 25, laminate, and cut out the Valentine Bingo game boards, markers, and calling cards. Have the student answer either a “WHO”, “WHERE” or “WHAT” Valentine themed question, than cover their answer (if they have it). The first person to cover three spaces in a row WINS! 
Pages 26 to 30. Print, laminate, and cut out the general “WH” questions and Valentine game board to play a board game that targets the answering of more “WHO, “WHAT” or “WHERE” questions related to every day things. 
Pages 31 to 34. Put puzzle overlay over the two cute Valentine pictures. Cut out on the puzzle piece lines. Have the student answer the “WH” questions about the animals while they put the Valentine puzzles together. 
Pages 35 to 37. Have the student color the picture while answering a variety of “WH” questions. 
Pages 38 to 40. Have the student circle the correct picture that would typically answer a “WHAT”, “WHERE”, or “WHY” question. Pages 41 to 43. Have the student color the picture that would typically answer a “WHAT”, “WHERE”, or “WHY” question. 
Pages 44 to 46. Primary level “WH” questions. Answers provided. Pages 47 to 49: Student reads question and then draws a line to the picture that answers the question. 
Page 50: Twin Sisters Speech & Language Therapy information

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