Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oink, Moo, Quack (Speech and Language Therapy Sessions with a Farm Theme)

Welcome to the Farm! Activities outside our room this week included: 
1) Find the colored farm animals in the beans and then sort them behind the correct colored fence.
2) Naming and identification of farm animals and farm equipment items. 
3) Matching correct mother and baby animals 
4) Barn animal matching game using animals hidden underneath cow patterned cups. 
5) Size sorting of tractors.
6) And a literacy activity of writing in the correct missing letters to finish farm animal words.

It was fun to play with the farm sets as we targeted each students individual goals.  For example, we asked, "What is this?" or said, "Say horse with your good /s/ sound".  

We also worked on turn taking, counting, and farm animal naming as we built towers with farm themed blocks.  It's awesome to watch them fall down! 

We also used the fun sound cube to elicit farm sound animals and names while problem solving through the puzzle of matching the front and back of animals.  

One of our favorite farm books was read a lot this week too.  It is called, Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton (she writes the cutest books).  We often found ourselves getting up and conducting our own hoedowns in the therapy room while reading it!  It was so much fun!  It really is one of the best books ever! 

The animal farm train track was a big hit with our train lovers and was very motivating to put together for them as they answered and completed their speech and language goals.  

The magnetic farm set was a blast to use for making individual farm scenes while the animals naming and prepositions were worked on.  We gave instructions like, "Put the cow under the barn", and "The pig goes in the mud".  We also targeted literacy targets by asking questions like, "What letter does dog end with? What rhymes with moo?  

In addition, the felt board was used while verbal expression was encouraged with the song of, "Old MacDonald". 

Of course all of the cute animal puzzles had to be pulled out this week too. They are always fun and challenging for the little ones to complete!

Stampers were used to make a farm scene. 

Vocabulary, articulation and verbal expression goals were targeted with animal word lists. 

Numerous farm animal worksheets were used to target articulation and language concepts.  

The farm dotter pages were used with farm animal stamps this week as articulation and language goals were discussed.

We targeted rhymes and language concepts using pages from our Spying Rhymes on the Farm packet that includes a ton of super cute farm themed clip art and a wide variety of worksheets, games, and activities that help to advance rhyming skills for the Pre-k to 2nd grade population.  It even has fun farm themed rhyming stories, nursery rhymes  and "I Spy" worksheets! 

Sticker scenes were completed targeting articulation, direction following, prepositions  naming and identification goals. 

Farm stickers were added to each students sticker/prize pages and tattoos were given or put on! 

It was a fun and productive time in the speech farm room!

Spying Rhymes on The Farm. A Fun Rhyming Unit For Pre-k to

Thanks so much for taking the tour of our farm themed speech, language and literacy sessions!  We are so happy that you were able to join the hoedown with us!


Shanda and Manda, SLP's
Twin Sisters Speech & Language Therapy


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