Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Walk Through of Our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Alphabet Themed Therapy Sessions

Hello and welcome to our post about the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom alphabet themed  speech, language, and literacy sessions that we completed last week.  Our speech therapy students had a lot of fun completing all of the activities during this themed week and we just know that all of them went away from the sessions with an increased alphabet understanding!  It was a fun and productive week, so we decided to share our activities with you all. Our hope is that a new idea may pop out for a teacher or therapist to use during their next therapy or classroom session, or that a busy parent may identify a new fun and easy literacy based activity to do at home with their own children.

The students began their Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Alphabet Themed sessions at our door. The book was introduced and an explanation was made that the book has a coconut tree in it. They could see a picture of a real coconut tree with someone climbing it. Did you know that coconut trees can grow up to 90 feet long? That's three buses lined up in a row! :) The student were asked a yes/no question which they could mark on the survey. Would you like to climb a coconut tree? At the end of our week the answer "yes" prevailed. We found out that we have many brave students!

In the hallway the students matched and named letters. We used the beach ball to play catch as we said the entire alphabet back and forth. For older students working on more advanced literacy goals, we asked them to name or spell a word that began with a letter for each turn.  The speech door also had a letter scavenger hunt. We had letters hidden throughout the speech room which they could go find and then attempt to put in the correct missing spot.
We listened to the story next! The kids followed along as it was read to them. The main narrator of the version I have is Ray Charles. Also, on the disc it is read by children and it has several songs on it.  I would pause the reading of it to ask them /wh/ questions, have them point and name letters, and ask for what rhyme they heard.

After the story we did numerous types of follow up activities. Two shown here: fun with paint dotters and reading about coconut facts.
Crafts are so much fun! The students loved to make the coconut trees. We used pom poms for the coconuts and alphabet stickers. We made bracelets after finding letters for their name. We also made these neat big posters that are called "It's All About My ABC's". They glued on letters and pictures for each space and  for older students we had them write in words. So many literacy and language targets were utilized with these posters.i.e. What starts with letter ___?, Following directions, naming, spelling along with development of fine motor skills with cutting and writing.

The students really enjoyed making and naming letter sounds by using our Speech Sounds Play Dough Mats. We actually used modeling clay to form the letters for this activity. Articulation and literacy practice is a blast using play dough and clay!

More alphabet fun! We played hangman to answer questions and to figure out the word and/or phrase! Alpha Catch was a hit to keep us moving. We would throw a ball and name the letter on it. For articulation students we practiced saying a target word before throwing. A fun Ipad game we played was Maze-A-Licious ABC!

We ended the session with an alphabet and coconut treat! The Alpha Bits were poured on their plates and the student were encouraged to look for letters in their names as they ate them. Also (and after double checking on allergies) the student was able to try coconut! They could try it by itself, in a cookie and/or in a candy bar. We received many "YUMS"!

Thanks so much for taking the tour of our alphabet themed sessions with us! 

We hope you all have a great day!


Shanda and Manda

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