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And the blogiversary giveaway winners are...

We are super excited to announce the giveaway winners.  Please know that all winners will be emailed by the end of the weekend.  We will attach your free document or app code to the emails of course. Enjoy!  

The links to the store where you can buy all of these terrific documents are provided next to their description. We wanted to make it easy for you to grab these useful themed therapy documents if you weren't the lucky person to win the one that you wanted.  There's so many terrific ones on this list so please take a look at each and every one listed.

Thank you all for participating in our blog anniversary week everyone.  It has been a blast!! We are so happy that you were able to stop by our blog to read the great posts this past week and that so many of you were able to enter the giveaways.  We appreciate the support and are looking forward to all of the fun and learning that another year of blogging will bring us. 
Manda and Shanda, SLP's
Twin Sisters Speech and Language Therapy

  • Congrats Tracy O., you won the Smarty Ears app called Language Empires.  It is a terrific app that was designed for elementary age and older students.  It targets 8 different areas: answering how, why, and which questions, inferencing, vocabulary, predicting and figurative language, and sequencing. Enjoy your new app! 
  • Kathy G., you won "What Am I Game" with a fun Halloween theme from Rachel Nortz from The Queen's Speech. This terrific document targets both expressive and receptive language.  A bingo game and descriptive mat is included, as well as, "What am I?" exercises that encourage students to guess the name of objects, come up with their own descriptions and to think of words that go in categories. 
  • Blair R., you won "Where is the Pumpkin? Halloween Prepositions Sorting and Game Activities," from Felice Clark at The Dabbling Speechie. This document includes a super cute idea of using puppets to show preposition understanding.  Several preposition cards and a sorting activity is included. This is a great autumn themed document!
  • Kellie M., you won "Egg Hunt Compare and Contrast" by Jennifer Bell at Straight Up Speech. This Easter themed document provides a list of compare and contrast word pairs, cards of pretty Easter eggs, a great page on questions to consider when comparing and contrasting and even an open-ended game board!
  • Courtney P., you won, "Badger's Fancy Meal Storybook Companiont" from Kathy Grover at Speech All The Time. This includes a game to target comprehension of "wh" questions, vocabulary and two craft activities that target direction following, sequencing and vocab.  In addition, the document has lesson plans and activities for at least 4 therapy sessions! Predicting, using prior knowledge, vocabulary, context cues, synonyms, rhyming, idioms, oral narrative, story retell, sequencing, and role play are all included goal areas. Wow this document is stacked full of wonderful exercises! 
  • Shannon L. you won, "Sea of Synonyms" from Megan Adams Mayer at Speech Summit. This fun ocean themed document includes 26 synonyms on cards.  She includes cute fish bowl, sea creature and ocean sorting mats.  All of the fun synonym paired cards are used for a fun game!  Ocean themes are fun to do in the summer and for us (here in MN), actually in the winter too.  That is when we are missing the nice weather here in MN and we want to put our thoughts in warmer more beautiful places!
  • Lori F., you won "Irregular Past Tense Verbs- Monkey Theme" from Rae's Speech Spot. She includes 2 targeted levels to work on irregular past tense verbs.  The first level has 3 choices given in a multiple choice format.  The second level asks for the student to develop the targeted irregular past verb given only a sentence level cue.  The two levels are great because this document can then be used for a lot of age levels! In addition, a sorting activity is included.  This is such a great document for working on the common missed grammar area of irregular past tense verbs!
  • Rita W., you won "Irregular Plural Nouns- Monkey Theme" from Rae's Speech Spot. This document follows a 2 level format with 24 cards total and also includes a sorting activity.  It is a terrific document for working on  irregular plurals!  It is equally as great as the irregular past tense verb document.  The monkey theme on both documents is super cute and appropriate for both boys and girls.
  • Bari A., you won, "Summer Camp Expressive Language Game" from Jennifer Shamberger at Speech Universe. This is a fun camp themed document that does a great job with introducing exercises to work on categorization, functions, and comparing and contrasting.  This document will be a terrific addition to any camp themed therapy session.  We just love it!
  • Christine G., you won a language companion packet for the book, "I know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie- Thanksgiving".  This book companion was created by Mindy Stenger at The Speech Bucket. This comprehensive book companion document is filled with a lot of great activities to check story comprehension. I loved the comprehension questions that provided picture choices!  You will also find a game board, a bingo game, a writing activity, cards to feed the old lady reinforcer page, pictures, and words to paste to finish sentences.  This Thanksgiving packet is stuffed like a turkey and is awesome! 
  • Paula M., you won, "Penguin Vowels: Speech Therapy, Vowel Articulation, Spelling and Rhyming" from Kelly at Speech2u. This great document works on a ton of useful areas!  I loved the vowel card game and the spelling charts.  The vowel patterns that were introduced were also great!  Penguins are so cute and a penguin themed therapy session would be super fun. 
  • Neita R., you won, "One-stop Ice Cream Shop! Language and Auditory Processing Unit" from Rose Kesting at Speech Snacks. This very fun ice-cream themed document works on a large variety of language areas.  There's spatial concepts, auditory memory, listening, describing, compare and contract, sentence building with nouns and adjectives, and even work with synonyms and antonyms! The super fun part is the yummy recipe for banana ice cream at the end. I never figured that ice cream could be healthy and the recipe provided proved me wrong. 
  • Danielle A. you won, "Polar Bear Problem Solving" from Teach Speech. This great document has 24 cards for identifying problems, 18 for working on problem avoidance, 24 cards for giving solutions, and even a coloring page and game board.  This document is just terrific! Polar bears are one of our most favorite animals!
  • Rachel M. you won, "Trick or Treat- Opened-ended Game for Speech Therapy" from Ann Marie Thaler from The Buckeye Speech Path. This is a super fun Halloween game board. The idea is to collect one of each trick or treat monster to win the game. This is a great game to have this October!
  • Sharon S. you won any non-bundled document from our Twin Sisters Speech and Language Therapy Teachers pay Teachers store. We have 69 posted products right now. Checking out our custom categories is a good place to start.  We have categories for 0 to 3 speech and language, AAC, apraxia, articulation, auditory comprehension, book companions, bundles, concepts, free stuff, games, grammar, holiday themed units, life cycles, literacy, phonological disorders, pronouns, social skills, and voice.
  • Sue B. you won Tech'nTalk SLP's, "Good Speech and Language" Posters. These posters are super cute and perfect for displaying in your therapy room! There's one poster for each month, with one additional poster each for winter and Easter.  The coolest thing is that you can personalize the posters with your name. These posters are just what we need to get some color, function and cuteness up on the walls at our speech clinic! 

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