Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr. Speech & Language Packet

Martin Luther King Jr. Speech and Language Packet

Hello! We hope you can use this speech and language packet in order to help address some important concepts, verbal expression, articulation, reading and writing goals with your speech and language students. This will be a fun and useful way to help to elicit discussion about a great man in history named Martin Luther King Jr.
Best Wishes,

Manda & Shanda

Contents of the Martin Luther King Jr. Speech & Language Packet:
Page 4: Name the letters, shapes, and numbers.
Page 5: Name the colors.
Page 6: Match the MLK pictures.
Page 7 & 8: Listen to the directions as you color the MLK pictures.
Page 9: Draw a line to the matching number group.
Page 10: Who is the biggest, smallest, and who is in the middle?
Page 11: Put the MLK’s in the correct size sequence.
Page 12: Girl, Boy, He and She direction following.
Page 13: Cut out the dove and follow the directions.
Page 14: Open ended MLK game board. This board could be used to practice articulation of the /th/ sound which is found in the name “Luther”. The articulation cards are on pages 26-28. Also, the game board can be used for a listening exercise with the listening for details cards on pages 29-31. Lastly, if the student needs to work on the verbal expression of multi-syllable words, than use the multi-syllable word cards found on the pages 32-35.
Page 15: Open ended MLK token or paint dauber page.
Page 16: Open ended MLK coloring page.
Page 17: My dream drawing activity
Page 18: MLK letter puzzles.
Page 19: What comes next in the sequence?
Page 20: Match uppercase to lowercase letters.
Page 21: Can you write the lowercase letter under the uppercase letters? Can you name the shape and write the first letter of the shape under it?
Page 22: Can you read the color word and draw a line to the matching shirt?
Page 23: Can you repeat these 5 to 6 word sentences? Please try to include all of the words in your repeat.
Page 24: Draw a line from the words to the matching picture.
Page 25: Please practice your medial /th/ words by repeating these words and phrases.
Pages 26-28: Initial, medial, and final /th/ words for matching and/or scavenger hunt games.
Pages 29-31: “Wh” questions/listening for details cards about Martin Luther King Junior.
Pages 32-34: Multi-syllable MLK words/phrases

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