Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chinese New Year Receptive Language Packet with Freebie Articulation & Expressive Language Tasks

Hello and Happy Chinese New Years Followers!  The wonderful Chinese people celebrate their new year's with a 15 day celebration.  Isn't that awesome?!  We learned a lot about their wonderful and unique culture by putting together this receptive language packet.  We think our speech and language kiddos are going to enjoy hearing and learning more about the Chinese New Years celebration while we do this packet together in the next couple of weeks.  We hope you can find it beneficial too.  Please download at our store if you are looking for some fun receptive language activities for your kiddos and go right ahead and grab the FREEBIE on this page or at the TpT and/or TN websites if you would like to have fun feeding the snake his articulation and verbal expression cards with your students too!!

Contents of the Chinese New Year's Packet:
Page 4: Information page on auditory comprehension.
Page 5: Paint dauber/token page. Put a token on or use your paint dauber while completing your tasks.
Page 6-10:  Print, cut out and laminate the Chinese New Year game board, dice, markers, and playing cards.  Teacher or therapist reads the 1 to 2 line sentences to the student.  The student answers each question.  A card is drawn for each game turn.
Pages 11 to 16: Print , cut out and laminate the 1 to 3 - step Sammy Says cards in order to play “Sammy the Snake Says” (a take on Simon Says).  2013 is the year of the Snake!
Sammy the Snake Rules: The teacher is Sammy the snake, and the student stands and faces the teacher. A card is chosen, and the teacher calls out the instructions on the card like this, “Sammy says touch your nose." The student has to touch their nose.  If  ‘Sammy' calls out an instruction without saying “Sammy says" then the student should ignore the instruction.  If they didn’t follow a Sammy says instruction, than they are out of the game.  If they didn’t follow an instruction that doesn't have Sammy says on it they are also out .  Have fun!
Pages 17 to 22: Follow the various 1 to 3 -step written directions using Chinese New Year themed sheets.
Pages 23 to 24: Answer the simple “WH” questions using the picture cards.
Pages 25 and 26: Chinese New Year Themed Memory Game. Print, and glue Chinese New Year page behind the matching picture page. Cut out all cards. Take turns finding matches.
Page 27: Verbal Expression Tasks Freebie contents and directions.
Pages 28: Feed Stretchy Snake your cards as you repeat or say them.
Pages 29-33: /s/ and /s/ blend articulation cards.
Pages  33-34: Multi - syllable and phrase imitation cards.
Page 35 and 36: Sentence imitation cards.
Pages 37 and 38: Open ended cards to put your own goal targets on.
Page 39: Twin Sisters Speech and Language Therapy information page.

*Download the freebie here through google docs or download the previews at Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook for your free Feed The Snake Activity targeting articululation of /s/ and /s/ blends, multisyllable word and sentence imitation. There are also blank cards so you can put your own targets on. 

Grab the entire packet here at Teachers Notebook or here at Teachers Pay Teachers

Manda and Shanda

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