Thursday, January 3, 2013

Valentine's Day Cupcake Category & Item Naming Games & Worksheets!

This is a fun 37 page Valentine's Day themed activity for working on the language area of categorization. Your students will be sure to improve on their ability to name category members and to name category titles after completing these cute activities, games and worksheets. Have a happy holiday full of love and sweet things!

Please read here to see the contents of this fun packet!!

Pages 4 to 7: Picture sort activity. Cut out the pictures and have the student glue each picture in the correct category found on the three sorting pages.
Pages 8 to 13: Valentine Mailing Activity. Cut out each valentine. Have the student name the category that the four words describe. Once the correct category is given, the student can “mail” the valentine through the slot on the love letter mailbox.
Pages 14 to 19: Valentine Card Memory Match or Go Fish Game. Cut out each heart and play memory match or, “Go Fish” with them.
Pages 20 to 24: Cupcake Categories. Have the student match up the category that all four words fall into and than match the heart to the correct cupcake that has the category name on it.
Pages 25 to 26: Category Writing and Category Member Naming. Have the student write in the name of the category on the line that all four items are in.
Pages 27 to 28: Category Exclusion. Have the student cross out the item that is not in the same category as the others.
Pages 29 to 32: Candy Jar Sorting: Sort the four items into the six category candy jars. The items are pictured on a piece of candy. Please print, laminate, and cut out the candy pieces for durability.
Pages 33 to 35: Color and Category Item Naming. Color the pictures while trying to name three items in each listed category.
Page 36: Color a valentine to give to someone special.
Page 37: Twin Sisters Speech and Language Therapy copyright page and clip art credit page.

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