Monday, January 14, 2013

90 Pages of Cool "C" & "K" & Great "G" Articulation (CV to Sentence Level)

Happy Monday Everyone!  Well, here it is... the much anticipated "g" and "k" printable!  I have been asked by several people to make it and I know it will be popular because I myself needed some new and different /g/ and /k/ materials!  I especially wanted some fun new games.  I think that the SLAP CAR JACK CARD GAME and the G & K ROADWAY GAME will both be fun to do!  I've also included cute BUBBLE GUM MACHINE & CHOCOLATE BAR FILE FOLDER ACTIVITIES for /g/ and /c/ & /k/ words.  I hope that the kiddos have so much fun playing with the candy and cars that they don't even realize that they are working on their /g/ and /k/ sounds right away! We work on these two sounds all of the time with the three year olds and older kiddos at our speech clinic.  These games and activities are age appropriate!
I tried to be as helpful as possible by including a description page on how to produce these two sounds and three pages on ways to elicit them with different cueing techniques. That is followed by many, many, pages of sound plus vowel, word, phrase and sentence level games, worksheets and activities!  At the end are 12 pages of /g/ and /k/ phrase and sentence level recording sheets.  The recording sheets include the sounds in the initial, medial and final positions of the /g/ and /k/ words and I hope that they will be nice tracking sheets for your students productions when they leave the word level.
I would love to give a couple of these packs away.  The first two people to comment on our blog about this packet will receive one!   So be quick. :)Best wishes and happy January everyone.  Thanks for reading this post!!! Manda, SLP  

This packet is full of everything that you will need to work on the "g" and "k"/"C" sounds with your students! It contains colorful and cute interactive vowel, phrase, word and sentence level exercises, worksheets and games. Have a wonderful and productive time with your speech students using these fun activities all year long!!

Manda & Shanda, SLP's

Read for here details on what is included in this wonderful download!
Page 3: How to produce the /g/ and /k/ sounds page.
Pages 4 to 6: Three pages describing ways to elicit the /g/ and /k/ sounds.
Pages 7 to 9: Kite for /K/ or Giraffe for /G/ Memory Match or Scavenger Hunt cards for consonant + vowel work.
Pages 10 to 13: G and K consonant + vowel dotter sheets.
Pages 14 to 21: G Word Gumball File Folder Activity for working on /G/ words. Put the gumball cards through the slot on the gumball machine after each word is said.
Pages 22 to 29: K/C Chocolate Candy Bar Sort. Place the candy bars on the candy bar mat after each k/c word is produced. Nine cards put onto the mat equals one chocolate candy bar!
Pages 30 to 38: Have a blast playing, “Slap the Car Jack”, card game! Print and cut out the cute friendly car themed cards and try to slap the car jack card first to receive the card pile. The player who slaps all of the cards wins!
Pages 39 to 51: Rev up your engines for this awesome /G/ and /K/ Roadway Game! Roll the dice and add them up to make your way around the track. A large variety of car themed cards with/g/ and /k/ words are provided for repeating. Have fun making your way around the track. We hope you win the race!
Pages 52 to 55: Repeat the initial and final /k/ words on each truck before placing them on the road. This a fun interactive cut and paste activity for truck lovers!
Pages 56 to 59: Repeat the initial and final /g/ words on each ocean animal before placing them on the ocean scene. This is a fun interactive cut and paste activity for ocean lovers!
Pages 60 to 62: Color the /g/ and /c/ words while trying to say them too!
Pages 63 to 64: Seek-N-Find the pictures to find /g/ and /k/ words.
Pages 65 to 66: Trace the line to say the final /g/ and /k/ words.
Pages 67 to 68: Repeat the various /g/ and /k/ words while coloring in the picture of the cute animals.
Pages 69 to 74: Repeat the /g/ and /k/ three word phrases with pictures provided.
Pages 75 to 78: Complete the interactive cut and paste school and sun scenes in order to practice /g/ and /k/
words at the sentence level.
Pages 79 to 84: Initial, Medial, and Final phrase level repetition worksheets for the /g/ and /k/ sounds.
Pages 85 to 90: Initial, Medial, and Final sentence level repetition worksheets for the /g/ and /k/ sounds.
Page 91: Credits page. Please read.

Note: This packet contains colorful and fun game and interactive pages. Please know that all of the pages do look good in black ink only too. You will be able to save on your color ink if you go to "Properties" when you are about to print and click on, "Print only in black".


Ladybug Speech said...

These look great! I am getting ready to tackle /g/ and /k/ again. We weren't so successful at the beginning of the year but I think we;re ready to try it again (/s/ and /f/ were much more attainable at the time). These would be great additions to my collection!

Amanda said...

My whole caseload is preschool so I work on k and g a lot! This packet looks great!!!

Ladybug Speech said...

It might be helpful to you guys if I left my
LOL I saw the post while trying to inhale lunch today...forgot about the email address. It was a Monday today.

Twin Sisters Speech and Language Therapy said...

Ha! I totally understand. It feels like I wrote this post a million years ago. I wrote it before work this morning, got home and quickly ate dinner, then drove to church (the kids have church school on Monday nights), and just got home now at 8:00. I'm sending you ladies your free document via email next! Thanks for commenting. Have a great night! Let's hope that our Tuesday's are bit less busy. :) Manda

ArenSLP said...

I'm a year too late! Really struggling with a /k/ /g/ client right now who is totally not motivated!


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