Friday, August 23, 2013

Love It and List It Linky: Organization Clinic Style

Jenna Rayburn is having her monthly  Love It & List It Linky Party and this time it's for ORGANIZATION. Well, I'm no expert on organization, but since Manda and I have A LOT of stuff and not a lot of space overall we try our best to keep on top of things at the clinic. If we don't stay on top of the "stuff"  it can get out of control!  Here is the process we have for trying to keep our units organized at our clinic:
First we either laminate or put our papers in sheet protectors. We get our sheet protectors and laminating sheets and our binder clips (shown below) from Staples.

Here is are awesome laminator we have affectionately named BIG DADDIO!:)
He gets a lot of use!
Our trusty paper cutter who gets used just as much as the laminator but for some reason we don't have a nickname for it. Any name ideas? :)
We use binder clips to fasten all of our laminated cards. They keep them together nicely-
no slipping apart with these babies! Binder clips come in three different sizes (small, medium and large).
Each unit gets its own three ring binder. We got a steal on a bunch of these at our local dollar store.
Inside the binder we put pocket folders which hold our cards.
Also purchased through Staples.
Extra papers and loose copies go into the front and back pockets
Example picture on how we use the binder clips and sheet protectors together
Each unit gets it's own plastic bin. It will hold our binder, loose copies of papers, all the games, extra crafts and toys for the unit.
Into the storage room it goes. O.K.- I know we have more room than a lot of people- but for some reason it never seems like enough-ha!
The other side of our storage room. It's shared with OT and PT too- but speech seems to have more- what can we say? We like stuff!! -ha!
More ways we stay organized in our room.
One of our shelves. We have a label for each category under it's area  i.e., cognition, fluency, pragmatics, voice, phonological, articulation etc.!
We have several good ole file cabinets too which house our working client folders, handouts and other therapy materials.
That's a glimpse into our way of trying to stay organized clinic style!  Be sure to head over to Speech Room News to read about how other SLP bloggers organize too! Several others have hopped on to this useful Linky Party! Hopefully you will find out even more organizational ideas. We can all use some help in this area I'm guessing:)

Happy organizing all!



Jenna Rayburn said...

All those bins look great! Wow! Thanks for linking up!


Twin Sisters Speech and Language Therapy said...

Thank you too Jenna for always hosting such fun and helpful linky parties!

Mary Cooper said...

For some reason, I just love the binder clips!

Mommarum said...

Binder clips work great and don't melt (unlike rubber bands) when the speech space gets a bit toasty over the summer!


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