Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Jungle Themed Speech Therapy Week

Welcome to the Jungle!  Here's a peak at our ROARIN good time at the speech clinic this week.  Let us walk you all through the tasks that we did to target speech, language, and literacy advancement with the children that we treated this week using a fun jungle theme!

First, the children were asked to stick animals on a large parrot themed picture.  We were able to work on a large variety of tasks with this colorful picture that we found in the party decoration section of our local Dollar Store.
1) Auditory comprehension advancement: Follow 1 to 3- step directions, e.g., "Tell me your favorite wild animal, turn around, then put the monkey anywhere on the picture."
2) Grammar with the target of preposition: e.g., "Put the snake under the red parrot."
3) Concepts: Tell me the color if each of the birds and the flowers, count the flowers, point to the biggest flower, point to the smallest bird. 

We practiced speech sounds and fed a monkey bananas using one of our Tummy Stuffers (one of our latest favorite purchases as you can literally feed the Tummy Stuffers anything e.g., cards targeting a language or grammar goal, or good ole' sound specific speech therapy cards).

The pictures show Shanda practicing the /s/ sound with a child. They have a mirror for the child to be able to monitor his tongue placement during their articulation specific time of the speech and language therapy session. 

We put on fun animal masks and practiced sounding like wild animals   This was especially helpful to elicit that "r" sound as in "roar".  And also, "grrrr" like a tiger.  We even took pictures of the kids wearing masks and put the picture inside a jungle themed frame that we made together. The frame was from Oriental Trading Company.  This was a super cute item for the child to bring home!

Here is a child matching uppercase letters to lowercase letters.  The animal picture is completed once the match is made. A great pre-k literacy puzzle activity

Here the child has completed naming wild animals and is repeating sentences as he completes a wild animal sticker picture.  The sentences were, "This animal is a ____". Just fill in a name of a different animal each time. Pacing boards to encourage slow and clear repetition were used with some children.   

Here was another fun activity.  The child was asked to name shapes and to match the shapes.  Each piece had a wild animal on it and more animal naming was done with this concept task targeting shape identification.  This super cute activity was found over at Itsy Bitsy Learners.

Thanks for stopping by the jungle today!! We hope we were able to provide some new wild ideas for you to use with your own speech therapy kiddos by making this post!  

Best wishes, Manda & Shanda, SLP's
Twin Sisters Speech & Language Therapy 

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