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Favorite Therapy Item Thursday! (Interactive Prepositions)

Hello and welcome to our first ever Favorite Therapy Item Thursday!!  SLP's will be sharing their favorite therapy items during this featured post.  We think that it will be a ton of fun for us all to share our favorite "must have" therapy items with the rest of our speech therapy colleagues. We hope you enjoy reading about the items that are helping to make speech therapy treatment rooms more fun and productive! 

**Would you (or at least your idea) like to be featured in a future Favorite Therapy Item Thursday post? Please email us at and tell us your favorite therapy item!!  Or, please leave a comment or use the contact box on the right column to tell us. Lets all share ideas because it makes our jobs even more fun and productive!

The first therapy item we're featuring in our first Favorite Therapy Item Thursday post comes from a wonderful company named Speech Page. I first learned about Speech Page after reading very nicely written and detailed reviews by fellow SLP bloggers- Speech Time Fun and The Speech Bubble. The products got my attention since I noticed the items they reviewed had qualities that I love to see for therapy materials. They were interactive, durable and looked fun! I contacted Speech Page and they generously provided me with a few of their products for a review. Thank you Speech Page! Well, lo and behold, I loved all of the products, but one in particular  turned into one of my favorite therapy items and it is now being featured here in this first Favorite Therapy Item Thursday post!
Without further ado- here it is: 
Interactive Prepositions

I know, it looks cool, doesn't it?! Well, it is! This awesome activity contains four fun interactive scenes. The scenes come ready to use since they are in a plastic bag, already laminated, three holed punched for the option of being put into a three ring binder (see my binder below), have various slits in them (in/through/behind), and already have attached Velcro!! What a relief- I didn't have to put a product together myself this time:) Their titles are: At the Zoo, At the Carnival, At the Pool, & At the Circus. Each scene has vocabulary targeted words which are on a Velcro strip on the edge of the page to be used in the picture.  The prepositions of in, behind, between, in front, on, beside, between, under, over, up and down are encouraged. The pack comes with an additional page which shows images of each preposition and can help guide the person asking for the preposition completion and/or give a visual to the learner. The additional page also has ideas on how the therapist can fully utilize the scenes. 

The many ways I have used this product:

-of course for targeting prepositionsi.e. "Put the cup on", "Put the sunglasses next to", "Place the shoes between", "Place the water bottle behind."
-vocabulary enrichment:  i.e. "Let's name all the pictures at the pool." "Name what is at the carnival". "What do we do at the zoo?"
-following directions:  i.e. "Please put the clown next to the elephant." "Put the hamburger on the snack bar." "Put the zoo keeper next to the giraffe and then put the popcorn on the bench."
-wh questions:  i.e. "Do you like ice cream?" "Have you been to a carnival?" "Where is the shoe?" "What would you do if you were hungry here?"
-fine motor: "Take off the teddy bear and put it through the balloon castle." "Write out the word zoo."
-articulation: i.e. "r" bird, "grr" says the bear, giraffe, zebra
-literacy: i.e. "What letter does zoo start with?" "How many syllables in the word sunglasses?" "What rhymes with shoe?"
-concepts: i.e. "What would you do first, second and last at the zoo?" "What shape is the ball?" "Should we call the girl a he or a she?"

Since I received this product I have pulled it out to use numerous times with many of my students of different ages. They always enjoy the interactive nature of them and I love the versatility of being able to target so many of their speech and language goals! I also enjoy being able to incorporate them into our themed units i.e. during ice cream week I used the zoo mat since one of its vocabulary targets was an ice cream cone. For all these reasons I can now say with good confidence that Interactive Prepositions are now one of my favorite speech therapy go to products! If you haven't seen or used any of the products from Speech Page- go check them out- you won't be disappointed:)

Speech Page Website and their online catalog can be found:  HERE
Speech Time Fun review of Speech Page products can be found: HERE
Speech Bubble review of Speech Page products can be found: HERE

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