Thursday, July 18, 2013

Love It & List It Linky Party: Favorite games to play in speech!

Jenna Rayburn from Speech Room News asked all of us bloggers what our favorite games were to use in speech. She's starting a new feature called Love It & List It Linky Party.  We wanted to join in on the fun so we decided to reshare our top ten favorite games to play in speech list. It's below!


Here is our top 10 favorite games to use in speech therapy! We included links to Amazon if you would like to go there to buy one or two for yourself.

It was very hard to choose just 10!  We knocked it down from an original list of 30! Other games that get an honorable mention from us are:

Cariboo, Chutes and Ladders, Operation, deck of cards, Uno, Guess Who, Don't Break the Ice, Twister, Scrambled Eggs, Don't Say It, AB Seas, Scrabble Alphabet Soup, Don't Spill The Beans, Sequence for Kids, Guess Who, HedBanz, Hi Ho Cherry-O, Let's Go Fishin, Trouble, Jenga, Sorry, Monkeying Around, Checkers, Connect Four, Would You Rather?, and good ole Candy Land!

Our top 10 favorite games all promote movement, turn-taking (so we can target a speech goal while playing them), and bring a fun challenge of some sort to the therapy room.  The kids love them and so do we! 

And the TOP 10 LIST IS...

1.  Kerplunk-Product Details $16.97 at Amazon

2.  Hold on Scooby Doo Product Details$14.44 at Amazon

3.  Honeybee TreeProduct Details$13.99 at Amazon

4.  Pop Up Pirate      Product Details  $22.89 at Amazon

5.  Pop The Pig Product Details   $29.99 at Amazon

6.  Rhino Rampage Product Details $17.99 at Amazon

7. Topple Product Details  $8.68 at Amazon

8.  Lucky Ducks

                                Product Details   
 $16.06 at Amazon (Sesame Street Edition)

9. What's In Ned's HeadProduct Details $34.95 at Amazon

10.  Crocodile DentistProduct Details $9.99 at Amazon

We hope you find this list helpful! Perhaps there's a game or two that you didn't know about or one or two that you've been meaning to purchase for your therapy room?

Shanda and Manda, SLP's


Jenna Rayburn said...

Awesome! This was the first year I had some kids afraid of crocodile dentist! Sad, because I LOVE it! Thanks for linking up!

Speech Room News

Carrie Manchester said...

That Honey Bee game has popped up on a few lists, I may have to head over and check it out!

Speech2U said...

Ooh, I love all of those-except for the duck one-that one drives me a little crazy-but the kiddoes love it.



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