Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beach Themed Speech Therapy Week!

Greetings Dudes & Dudettes!
We are having a splash this week at the clinic with our beach themed speech and language week.  Here are some pictures to illustrate what we've been working on with our speech students.

We greeted our students with colorful and cool door signs from All Y'All Need and put some in our therapy room too. Cute, huh?! You can pick up a set of your own colorful signs by heading over to the All Y'All Need TpT store.  This surfing set is wonderful, but they also have a lot of other cute bulletin board themes to choose from.  I especially like the superhero and rock star themes!

We bought some beach buckets for the students at the local party store and some summer themed stickers from Target and practiced naming summer items, and using verbs in full sentences as we decorated the buckets for a fun take home summer themed gift.

Other craft activities this week were:
1) Beach sticker scenes
2) Tropical themed visors.
3) Letter and number identification beach themed coloring sheets.

Here's a link to Oriental Trading if you want to buy the visors for yourself. The visors are turning out super cute and we are getting some fun laughs from the parents when we bring out our summertime students at the end of their speech sessions.

We completed upper to lowercase letter matching, put puzzle pieces in the correct places, counted shells on a picture, and looked for differences in beach pictures right at the speech therapy room door.

We played in the "sand" (shredded brown paper).  We asked the students to dig for ocean themed objects or cards that had their targeted speech sounds on them with a shovel and to put them in a beach bucket once found. 

We have a lot of kiddos working on the "s" sound right now and this is working out great for beach week: sand, sunglasses, towels, swimsuit, shells, fins, sea, surf, waves, swim, sun, sun screen, starfish, and summer.

We got out a few of our favorite beach themed games. 
The kids love these two: Pop-up Pirate and Curious George Discovery Beach.  We also read beach themed books and completed beach themed puzzles of all sorts.  

We always have a game to get the students moving and this week it was a simple game of needing to throw the ball into the beach bucket until you have earned 100 points. They read or repeated beach themed words during that activity.

We worked on listening comprehension and pronouns with our Summer Pronoun Activity.  This activity has been a lot of fun and it is helping children to learn their pronouns and to increase their auditory comprehension skills because they have to listen to a story and follow a direction to move the correct ocean animal onto a sorting mat.  This is FREE at our stores.  Click here to download it for yourself.
There's a ton of great beach themed materials, games and crafts out there for addressing speech and language goals with our students and this is just a small sampling of the activities that we did this week!  We hope that maybe we've inspired some of you to also have your own beach themed therapy week this summer or maybe in the middle of the up-incoming cold winter?!  That is because the beach theme makes us think of the SUN and the SUN brings smiles to all of our faces!! :)

  Happy summer everyone and a BIG HANG 10 to you all!
Shanda & Manda, SLP's
Twin Sisters Speech & Language Therapy


Laura Dee said...

Beach Week looks so fun! It almost makes me want to do summer therapy. Almost.

All Y'all Need

Anonymous said...

I liked the strip puzzle on the door. Where can I find that?

Twin Sisters Speech and Language Therapy said...

The puzzle on the door can be found at 3 Dinosaurs in their Summer Pack:

Anonymous said...

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