Friday, October 3, 2014

Say & Do Apraxia Fun Sheets written by: SHANDA GAUNT, M.S. CCC-SLP!!!!!

Attention: Twin sister bragging time is about to occur!  Ready in 1, 2, 3... Here we go! 

Yes, that's Shanda's name on the front of this awesome interactive apraxia treatment book!!  She had a dream to share her specialized therapy activities with the world and she DID IT! Shanda has been treating the birth to five population for 17 + years and throughout those years, she has developed her own style of fun and interactive activities for helping to elicit talking in children with limited speech.  And "yes" she has done JUST THAT (got little ones talking when they never did before) many times over!  I have seen it myself and have heard back from more parents that I can recall that they think that she is an amazing therapist and that she was the person who helped them hear their child speak their very first words.  Awesome, huh?! 
Shanda has a way of getting children as young as one and others with speech apraxia to TALK!!  She does it by utilizing a total communication approach that includes everything from teaching early sign language, visual phonics, production of early speech sounds, the use of PROMPT, the elicitation of early words that follow a cv, vc, vcv, cvcv, cvc pattern, and also by developing a picture exchange system if that is needed.  
It's true!  I've witnessed her program work over and over again.  It really does work!  I think that she is amazing!
One of the most wonderful things is that she can get little ones to concentrate on some interactive activities right up at the treatment table.  These activities are always very fun and productive and I have witnessed the children laughing and smiling during their treatment sessions.  They truly have a wonderful time when she is treating them.  I've seen her elicit a TON of verbal productions from the children whom she is treating when she does these worksheet based activities.  They include interactive activities like: saying and then gluing a picture with the targeted word onto a picture scene, dotting with a paint dotter next to the targeted picture, tracing lines to targeted sound productions, color by number, and even simple mazes and roll the die games, and much more!  
She made these worksheets and activities for many years with her own computer because nothing quite like them were in existence. It's with that knowledge that she decided to put all of her years worth of work into one large treatment packet to share with other speech-language pathologists whom would appreciate having them too.  She teamed up with Super Duper Publications, and WHALA! 

Please come and take a look at it over at Super Duper Publications. It was just put up for sale two weeks ago and we hope that a lot of people can head over to Super Duper to check it out! We would love to see what you think.  Perhaps you could try out some of the activities with your own speech students whom currently have a limited about of verbalizations to see if you too, can get a ton of repetitions like Shanda can!  Just start at the level that your student is ready for.  Perhaps it is the CV or the VC level?  Or maybe they are a bit more advanced and can try the CVCV or CVC levels?  
The workbook is HUGE and each section has a ton of activities and I think that you would be able to utilize it for many years to come and with a large variety of students on your caseload.  There are four sections total: CV, VC, CVCV, and one for CVC words and a total of 160 reproducible activities inside. 
I'm biased of course, but I'm quite sure you will LOVE this workbook and you will elicit a ton of verbalizations from your own students if you purchase it and give it a try in your therapy sessions! 
Why don't you come and pick it up now?  Super Duper is having a terrific sale for a short time.  In fact, you can save 50% off any product of your choice right now by just entering the code: SWD50 when you check out.  Click here for a direct link. 
Happy 50% off shopping! 
Sincerely, Manda, a.k.a. proud twin sister of a published author. :) 


Sparklle SLP said...

That is simply amazing! Thanks for sharing and what an accomplishment!

Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC said...

Thank you so much- so nice of you to say!

Tori Starling said...

Would you be interested in offering this workbook as a giveaway on my apraxia blog for the month of December? It looks awesome! My blog is My email address is Just shoot me an email if you're interested in sharing a description along with giveaway. Thanks!


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