Saturday, October 4, 2014

50% off New Posting! A Stupendous Speech Technique Training Packet

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Welcome to Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC & thank you for coming by to read about our latest therapy document. We have been working on this therapy packet for increasing speaking intelligibility for students and adults for several months now. We tried all of the exercises with our clients at our speech clinic and put their feedback and our thoughts into much consideration in order to come up with a finished product. Today we are super excited to say that we are finally ready to present the shiny new therapy packet to our audience! And like all of our new postings, we are presenting this one at an introductory 50% off price too. We hope that you can pick it up within the next 24 hours!

We work with a large variety of students and adults who are reduced in their speaking intelligibility and that is why this packet was developed. Some of this population includes people with the motor speech disorders of apraxia and dysarthria. Other people in this category have difficulty with their expressive language skills and have reduced intelligibility beyond the one word length. They especially have difficulty clearly communicating in multi-syllable words, sentences, and conversational speech.

This packet was designed to teach these people the six important speech techniques that we think are the most important to utilize to help increase overall speaking intelligibility. The techniques are as follows and a FREE handout of these speech techniques is contained within the preview by the way!

1) Increase speaking volume

2) Reduce rate of speech 

3) Practice over-articulation

4) Improve breath support

5) Increase eye contact 

6) Improve posture

These specific speech techniques are outlined in this packet and each one has a training section targeting the technique. Every section has a large variety of exercises that are illustrated with pictures and many of the sections have fun interactive worksheets, therapy exercises, and games.

Please download the preview at our TpT and/or TN store to read the contents of this massive packet and to see slides of many of the worksheets and games that are included in this helpful packet. We would like you to know exactly what you are purchasing before you do. Also, see the images below to see many of the worksheets and activities that are included in this unit!

We hope that this unit exceeds your expectations and we welcome any and all comments and feedback here or sent via email. We can be reached at:

Thank you so much for stopping by our Twin Speech, Language & Literacy TLLC today. We wish you all well and appreciate your support very much!

Shanda Gaunt, M.S. CCC-SLP
Manda Riebel, M.A. CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologists
Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC

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