Thursday, March 27, 2014

Favorite Therapy Item Thursday: A guest post from Carissa from Home Sweet Speech Room- Word Flips from Super Duper!

Hello, we are so happy to host the sweet and smart Carissa from Home Sweet Speech Room today.  Have you visited her fun and helpful blog lately?  If not, you really should.  She has a lot of great links to useful and creative therapy materials.  To start, why not check out her FREEBIES? From there head to her Teachers pay Teachers store where she has 67 products for sale! Wow, that's a lot! 

Carissa is guest posting on her favorite therapy item called Word Flips.  We have two copies of this book at our clinic and we love to flip through those functional pictures for our early talkers just like she does!  Without further ado... here's Carissa's wonderful guest post for our monthly Favorite Therapy Item Thursday post!   

Manda & Shanda

First, let me say how excited I am that Manda and Shanda invited me to guest post today!  I love their idea to spotlight SLPs' favorite materials.  I think I will need to start adding to my own collection!!

One of my favorite therapy items is Word Flips from Super Duper!  This product is available as a physical book or as an app.
I started out using this book with one of my young patients with suspected apraxia.   A brief history:  He came to us not saying much at all.  He was barely imitating sounds and syllables.  So we started working on bilabial syllables (just one).  We bumped it up to combining two syllables and eventually three as he was ready.  Eventually, we moved on from bilabials to alveolars and so on.  I'm happy to tell you he is now working on phrases and suprasegmentals more than he is syllables!  However, he still requests to start with this book as a warm-up every single session!

I'm a firm believer in using REAL words, which is why I love this product! These are CV combinations, but they are also real words.  This allows the patient/ student to have correct productions of practical words that will likely be in their young vocabulary.   Another great thing about this product is you can always make sentences out of these words.

One side note--a great thing about the app is that it can take data for you!

This is a great product for our younger friends, and it is one I plan on purchasing for myself! (I had just been using the hospital's copy).

Have you used this product?? 

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