Wednesday, March 12, 2014

50% off for 24 hours! Roll, Dot & Say Quick Print Artic Workbook - /SH/ Sound

What do you get after compiling a large variety of black and white clip art, the knowledge of 15+ years of combined speech therapy practice behind your belt, and the knowledge that you are about to post your 94th therapy document on TpT and TN? This masterpiece, that's what!

We have put together a comprehensive quick print therapy packet that targets the speech sound of /SH/ from head to toe!

Please see the preview located at the links to TN or TpT to read the contents and directions and to see slides featuring many of the black and white worksheets included in this packet.

We hope that you notice that we have tried to think of every detail that the busy speech therapist would like to have taken care of. We have included 3-ring binder covers, student information and goal pages, homework sheets, and caregiver sound reminder cards. We have even added a /SH/ sound cue card and a page on how to elicit the /SH/ sound!

And then the fun really begins... That's because each worksheet has been developed to keep the student busy and entertained while practicing their speech sound. Every sheet is designed for the student to make a dot with a paint dotter/dauber or to mark with a marker. Some worksheets incorporate the use of one die. We know that kids love to roll dice and we know that dice can be found quite cheaply at the local Dollar Store! Each worksheet is engaging and different. The student will have so much fun trying out each page, that they will forget that they are even working on on their speech sound in a repetitive fashion.

We hope that you find this articulation packet to be just what you were wanting and waiting for! Thank you so much for stopping by our store today and best wishes to you and your students as they progress in their articulation therapy goals.

Manda Riebel, M.A. CCC-SLP &
Shanda Gaunt, M.S. CCC-SLP

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