Sunday, December 8, 2013


I am loving many of my recent Teachers pay Teachers purchases!!  Here's a summary of some of the great things that I have been trying out in my therapy room this past week. Please click on the pictures of each product in order to be taken to Teachers pay Teachers to buy your own copies of these great documents!
1) Jenna Rayburn's Guess the Gift: Inferencing Speech Therapy Activity with QR codes.  Super fun for working on inferences. The student's love using the code scanner that is located on my iPhone to complete these tasks and they think that they are so clever when they figure them out!   

2) Jenn Alcorn's Gingerbread Grammar Treats. This is a perfect packet for this month and it targets a ton of grammar areas such as: word order, conjunctions, pronouns, verb tense and noun-verb agreement. I love gingerbread and the whole packet is cute to use and will be a great packet to have when I work with my older students working on increasing language and grammar skills. 

3) KristinM12's Winter Speech Homework Bundle. This 69 page packet is terrific!  It is filled with a ton of homework pages that target both language and articulation skills. I'm sure that I will use it a ton this whole entire winter season!I usually feel that I haven't totally finished my job if I don't give at least some homework to my students because I only get to see them once a week. 
4.  The Enlightened Elephant's Winter Wonderland Animal clip art set. One of my next goals in life is to make my own children's book.  This clip art is going to get me started on the goals of writing my own story and than later creating my own story book companion from my own book. This clip art is going to help me achieve that personal goal as my first story is going to be about wintertime animals. 
5) Miss Gator Speechie's S Blend Christmas Tree document. This cute activity pack gives me the chance to work on a variety of S blends with my students this December! There are 6 of each blend provided and the blends that are included are: sn, st, sk, sl, sm, sw, and sp. S blends are a tough one to accomplish and seem to be one of the last areas of achievement for many of my students. I can't seem to get enough material for this articulation area!
6) LyndaSLP123's Zany Zebra Absurdities. I love this accurate and cute activity that gives me the chance to address absurd sentence recognition with my students.  The student gets a chance to practice correcting silly sentences and they are also asked to explain what makes the sentence absurd in the first place.  A great packet that works on a hard to teach area.  I just love it!  
7) Carly Fowler's Good Night Gorilla Book Companion.  I just had to get this because it has been a favorite book of my boys for a long time!  I can't tell you how many times that I have read this book to my oldest and how many times that my oldest has now read it to my youngest!  I'm really looking forward to sharing one of my favorite family read books with my students and now I have a wonderful story book companion to use with the book.  I'm super excited!!  

That's some of my most favorite recent purchases.  I'm such a lucky duck to have had the opportunity to pick these up at the cyber sale and to now have them in my therapy drawer all ready to be used at any time. Thank you so much to all of the very talented authors and creators of these documents!!


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Carly Fowler said...

Thank you so much for your purchase! Second of all thank you for mentioning my product! Goodnight Gorilla is one of my favorites as well.


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