Monday, December 30, 2013

2 BRAND NEW UNITS! 50% off first 24 hours- Valentine's Day Pronouns & Oh, So Sweet Articulation- B & W worksheets targeting the L,R, S, TH & V Sounds!

Oh, So Sweet Articulation at Teachers Notebook

* Please view the previews at each store for detailed contents and direction pages of each unit. Also, slides are provided at the end of this post which show what is included in this unit.

Hello! Do you want the opportunity to save on a ton of printer ink while being prepared for the whole entire winter for articulation therapy sessions? How about having numerous useful and fun worksheets that target different articulation goals and levels and that are easy to access and then distribute to one student or to a group of students? 

If these opportunities sound helpful to you, than we think you may want to consider purchasing this new Valentine's Day Themed Articulation document! The worksheets are fantastic because they can be used for therapy sessions or for take home practice! And the packet targets some of the most common sounds that we are working on lately with our students: The L, R, S, V and TH. How about you? Do you also have students who need to work on these commonly misarticulated sounds?

We have created worksheets that are both sweet and fun and some are at the consonant level, some are at the word level, some are at the phrase and sentence levels and even a few carryover activities have been included! 

We hope that we have you covered! Please see the detailed preview to review the contents and several actual worksheets that you will find in this large articulation unit. 

Have a happy and healthy winter season and a Valentine's Day full of love and good things!

Valentine's Day Pronouns at Teachers Notebook

Pronouns, pronouns, pronouns! We know that many of you have liked and used a lot of our past pronoun documents. That made us want to make a new Valentine's themed packet. We hope you find it sweet and useful! We appreciate all of our teacher and therapist buyers so very much. Sending out love to you all! Please see preview at TpT or TN for full details of contents and directions. Also, see below articulation slides for further details on this sweet unit!



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