Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TH & SH Word Bug Smash & S & L Word Bug Hunt Articulation Games + SEEK-N-FINDS!


Bugs, bugs bugs!! 
They aren't always scary.  In fact, some can be amazingly cute! That is why we are featuring them in our therapy room this week!  It is a great springtime theme and the kiddos are loving it! 

- We are going on bug hunts for articulation and reading goal work.
- We are smashing bugs with fly swatters for more reading and articulation work.
- We are talking about concepts by completing cute Melissa & Doug magnet bug puzzles.
- We are examining bugs hid in grass left over from an Easter basket to target adjectives.
- We are fishing for bugs that like to swim in water to practice our grammar production of present tense verbs and the concepts of colors and numbers.
- We are even sticking bugs on paper from cute sticker scenes provided by Oriental Trading Company to practice the verbal expression of multi-syllable words and sentences.  For example, "I put the bee on." And, "grasshopper" and "ladybug." 

All of that and SO MUCH MORE is being done this week during our bug themed speech therapy week at the speech clinic!  We just can't list all of the speech, language and literacy activities being targeted, or we would seriously go BUGGY!  

Here's one of our bug themed documents that you may want for your own fun bug themed therapy sessions.  In addition, if you go to one of our stores you can even receive some free pages on the preview download.  You will find a cute blue bird "to feed" bugs to, a fun seek-n-find sheet and two bug articulation pages for your own bug hunts.  Enjoy those!

Our buyers note:
Have a ton of fun this spring and download this new Twin Sisters Speech & Language Therapy document! Also, please download the preview to see pictures and to read the contents of this fun bug articulation game unit! We have also provided our signature FREE pages for your use and review!

Smash and hunt your way to work on the later speech sounds of TH, SH, S & L in the initial, medial, and final position of words with this fun spring themed bug articulation unit!

Note: All of these colorful spring themed pages also look great if printed out with a black ink only option chosen at your printer option page in order to save on printer ink.

Manda & Shanda


m.stein said...

Super fun activity! I like all the motor-based ideas! Also of fun note, I'm also a twin (but my twinnie is not a speechie...). Our names are Manda & Maria!

Twin Sisters Speech and Language Therapy said...

That is so neat! Thanks so much for the comnent!


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