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Practicing Pragmatics: Table Manners Social Skills Game & Activities

Practicing Pragmatics: Table Manners Social Skills Game & Activities
This packet containes a board game, game cards, and several other interactive activities that are all designed for a fun social skiils session targeting the advancement of table manner skills! Please see the contents below for details.

Manda & Shanda, SLP's
Contents & Directions:
Page 4: Directions for the Table Manners Social Skills Game board game.
Pages 5-6: Table Manners game board.
Pages 7-10: Table Manners game cards and game die to be printed, laminated, and cut out for the Table Manners game board.
Page 11: Backside page for game cards. This page could be glued to the back of the Table Manner game cards for durability and would make two–sided game cards. Print this page out three times.
Page 12: Answers to the questions asked on the game cards.
Pages 13-16: Table Manners Pizza Slice Sort. Please print and cut out the pizza slices. Have the student decide if the table manner on each pizza slice is either positive or negative. Sort the pizza slices onto the correct pizza box page.
Pages 17-18: Positive and negative table manner pizza box sorting pages.
Page 19: Feed the Chef’s Hat page. This is an extra page for inserting any of the cards in this packet after discussing them. Just have the student put the card through the chef’s hat once he/or she has answered the table manner discussion card.
Pages 20-23: Table Manners Card Match. Match the thumbs up and thumbs down table manner picture cards with their description card. Or, print out two copies of the picture card pages and play memory match or Go Fish.
Page 24: Top Ten Table Manners For Kids Handout
Pages 25-27: Coloring pages : The student names three table manners for three different settings: restaurant, family meal, and lunch room, while coloring a page.
Page 28: Possible answers for the polite table manners coloring sheets for different eating settings.
Pages 29-30: Spaghetti & Meatball Table Manners matchup. Read or repeat, and then act out one of the top ten table manners as you cut out and glue the meatball onto the spaghetti plate.
Page 31: Spaghetti & Meatball coloring page. Discuss ways to prevent the yummy meal of spaghetti and meatballs from becoming a super messy meal. Possible answers provided.

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