Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Life Cycle Sequencing & Learning for Butterflies, Plants, Frogs & Ladybugs

Try out this new Twin Sisters Speech & Language Therapy Document during Earth Day week (or any week)! 
We think that you will have a lot of fun if you do!  :)


This unit will teach your students about four important life cycles!

What and How:

Sequencing of the life cycles would be a fun language activity!  The sequencing tasks can be presented in a lower level (4-step) or higher level (7 to 9-steps). That is why this unit is targeted for both pre-k and primary level and higher students!

Recall of the life cycle facts would be a great receptive language and memory activity.

Repetition of the life cycles would be a fun verbal expression activity.

Reading, writing, memory, and understanding can be practiced with the memory match, fill -in- the- blank to complete sentences worksheets, crossword puzzles, and the drawing of the life cycles worksheets.

The teaching possibilities are endless for this wonderful unit featuring cute and clear clip art of frogs, butterflies, plants and ladybugs!

By the way, we even provide the clip art pictures on their own and in ready made posters for bulletin board and door displays! The pictures would make a wonderful and cute addition to your classrooms during the Earth Day week!

Use this unit for teaching fun and interesting life science information to your students in the classroom or during a therapy session. We hope that your students enjoy it and also learn a lot of new and interesting information about their spring friends!

Have a wonderful spring!

Manda and Shanda

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