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SPRING INTO “NG” A Comprehensive Unit For Helping To Articulate The /NG/ Sound

SPRING INTO “NG” A Comprehensive Unit For
Helping To Articulate The /NG/ Sound

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Did you know that the medial /NG/ sound is produced by at least 85% of children by the time they are the age of 3? This sound appears in the middle and at the end of many words in English, but it happens to be a very difficult one for many children to produce. We have also found that the available treatment resources to help to address this tricky sound are quite limited and we ourselves have been struggling to find activities and treatment cards to use with our articulation students. That is why we put together this unit! This comprehensive unit provides /NG/ words from the vowel to conversational level and cueing techniques to get the sound elicited. The sound is presented in medial and final positions of words and we have provided it in writing and with a picture to go with it. Every single flashcard and worksheet has a picture illustrating the targeted NG word! We hope that this packet will end up being the only one that you will ever need now in order to get your articulation students articulating the NG sound! We hope you find the packet both useful and fun. We think that speech therapy should be both of those things. That is why you will find a very wide variety of articulation cards, worksheets, games, and interactive activities in this packet. Enjoy!

Best wishes,
Manda & Shanda
Contents of this HUGE Articulation Unit:
Page 5: How to produce the /NG/ sound.
Page 6: /NG/ sound cueing and placement techniques.
Pages 7 -12: Enjoy three different /NG/ game boards, markers, and dice! Use the /NG/ cards in the medial and final positions on the pages 21 to 35 in order to make your way around the fun boards with two or more people.
Pages 13-16: 4 colorful and engaging reinforcement pages for putting tokens or paint dots on or for “feeding” the cards through the page in order to engage the younger student in an interactive and entertaining activity while practicing their /NG/ productions.
Pages 17-20: Medial /NG/ and Final /NG/ memory match cards. Print out all four pages. Glue the pages with pictures of springs on the back of the picture card pages in order to make a double sided strong memory match cards.
Pages 21: Vowel + “NG” warm up page.
Pages 22: Vowel + NG cards. Please print, laminate and cut out the 11 cards. Or, print out on cardstock.
Page 23: Consonant + NG cards. 11 cards total.
Pages 24-25: Medial and Final position /NG/ warm up pages.
Pages 26: Short final position /NG/ word cards. 11 cards total.
Page 27: 2 Syllable Medial /NG/ word cards. 11 cards total.
Page 28: 2 Syllable Final /NG/ word cards. 11 cards total.
Page 29: 3 Syllable Medial /NG/ word cards. 11 cards total
Page 30: 3 Syllable Final /NG/ word cards. 11 cards total.
Page 31: 4 syllable Final /NG/ word cards. 11 cards total.
Page 32: Medial /NG/ phrase cards. 11 cards total.
Page 33: Final /NG/ phrase cards. 11 cards total.
Page 34: Medial /NG/ sentence cards. 11 cards total.
Page 35: Final /NG/ sentence cards. 11 cards total.
Page 36 -37: Medial and Final position /NG/ word crossword puzzlesPages 38-39: Dot- To- Dot medial and final /NG/ word game. Student takes turn with the teacher and produces a word aloud before drawing a line from one dot to the next. The goal is to form squares by connecting all four dots. The player who forms the most squares in the end wins.
Pages 40-43: Medial and Final position /NG/ word Hangman games. Student guesses the missing letters of words. If one of the letters is not in the puzzle, a part of a stick figure needs to be hung. The goal is to fill in all of the missing letters before a drawing of a whole man is completed.
Pages 44-45: Medial and final position sentence pages.
Pages 46-49: Coloring sheets. The repetition of various /NG/ words is encouraged while the coloring is completed and enjoyed by the student.
Pages 50-53: Cut and glue interactive SPRING pages for encouragement of more /NG/ words.
Page 54: Draw a line from the /NG/ sentence to the picture that it describes.
Pages 55-56: Medial and Final /NG/ Word Roll Game. Roll a die. Write the word down in the column that the die represents.
Pages 57-58: Medial and Final /NG/ Tic-Tac-Toe. Say the word before placing your X or O.
Pages 59-61: Flip The Card Game! This Twin Sister Speech & Language Therapy original game targets the production of /NG/ words by having the student flip a card from a deck of cards in order to read the suit and number, and than the word shown in the column represented by the card suit. This fun articulation game will elicit a ton of talking and keep the students engaged the whole time!
Pages 62-63: Seek –N-Find pictures! Students are encouraged to say, “I am circling the ___” , when a picture is found. Kids love seek-n-finds and we think that this will be a great way to elicit productions!
Pages 64-65: Fun mazes to be completed while repeating /NG/ words.
Page 66: Paragraph level medial and final /NG/ work.
Page 67: Conversational level medial and final /NG/ work.

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