Sunday, February 17, 2013

EASTER Pre-K to 2nd Grade Eggstravaganza: Language, Concepts, Speech, & Literacy

 Concepts, Speech, Language & Literacy

We hope you are ready for this 100 page EGGSTRAVAGANZA! It is an Easter themed packet featuring a wide variety of speech, language, concepts, and literacy Eggercises! :)

Please download the preview to read the three content pages describing what is on every single one of these fun and useful packet pages and to view a ton of the pages provided in this comprehensive packet.

We are giving away two of these packets!  Please leave your email address and a comment letting us know what pages would be most useful to you.  We will pick the winners at the end of the week using our fair and square method of drawing the two names from a hat!

Happy spring and best wishes for a fun and pleasant Easter!!  It will be here before you know it!


Manda & Shanda

Link to Eggstravanganza at Teachers Pay Teachers

Link to Eggstravanganza at Teachers Notebook


Sugared Grapefruit said...

so cute! I think the category naming will be the most helpful for me!

HearMyHands said...

I would like the pronoun section but I'm sure there's tons in there to use!

Anonymous said...

category naming and prepositions would be very useful

AMY said...

I could definitely use the pronoun and category naming sections.

Anonymous said...

Pronouns, receptive language, and social language!

Unknown said...

Great work! I could really us the pronoun section =)

Anonymous said...

What a helpful packet for Spring and Easter! In reality, I could use all of them, but I think the most helpful would be "listening for details, problem solving, and WH-questions." Thanks for creating such a great packet of information!

Anonymous said...

I could use so many activities from this packet. But, I'm really looking forward to the expressive language section.

Twin Sisters Speech and Language Therapy said...

I would like to thank everyone who commented and wish you all a happy Spring and Easter holiday! I just picked the winners and the names that I drew from my son's Viking hat were: and
I'll be emailing you two the document very soon. Please let me know if you don't receive it for some reason. Best wishes and thanks again everyone. We will be posting a new document soon targeting the Cinco de Mayo holiday, so please come back and try again. We love giving these out! Sincerely, Manda


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