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Speech & Language Themed Units

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Shanda and I are big believers that our profession is so much more than just "speech". We truly try hard to be Speech LANGUAGE Pathologists. When the client needs help in language, we treat that as much as the articulation, fluency and voice goal areas. Language involves reading, writing, social use, auditory comprehension, and even math skills. We also feel that cognitive skill development is important and we will often focus on improving problem solving and memory skills too. We have fun putting together weekly speech and language themed units. The units will involve many targeted areas of speech and language development. For instance, we usually will develop three or more activities to be used in the categories of articulation, verbal expression, early literacy/reading, copying/writing, social language/pragmatics, auditory comprehension, math/numbers, problem solving/memory, and concepts. Here's an example of one of our lesson plans for the week that we named BASEBALL UNIT. I thought I would share this example so that you can see why we post such a wide variety of speech and language activities in our Teachers Pay Teachers website store. We feel that there's a wide range of areas to work on with your speech and language kiddos and we know that the kid's love the themes! They look forward to coming each week to therapy because we try hard to make the sessions different and very fun each week and of course, each week is a new and fun theme so that makes them want to walk through the door to see just what is in store for that speech session! Thanks for reading this blog entry.
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1)            Play “Merry-Go-Sound” articulation board game to target /s/, /ch/, /r/, /sh/, /l/, and /th/ words, phrases or sentences.

2)            Practice /s/ blend words and in sentences using the slide as a visual aid.


1)            Play the game of “Pin the medal on the baseball player”. Follow the rules of playing fair and keeping your eyes closed. Practice taking turns and do this activity at least twice with the SLP.


1)            Count the baseballs to #7 and write the number down.

2)            Complete the double digit addition problems to find the answer to a baseball problem.

3)            Complete the level one math story problems.       

5) Auditory Comprehension/Verbal Expression:

1)            Follow the 2-step directions to color a baseball-Bee Identify all of the colors and locations. Than identify the words that begin with “B”for some phonics work.

2)            Answer the “wh” questions with the correct one word response.

3)            Play a bean bag toss game to find the hidden baseball. Name all of the revealed objects and repeat past tense sentences. E.g., “I found a lion”. Win a MN Twins baseball prize when you reveal the baseball!

4)            Follow directions to make a baseball banner craft. Kids should spell their first and last names correctly and will help to find the letters.

5)           Look at a picture of a baseball game and tell a story about it.

6)          Sentence production practice while playing Bull’s-eye Baseball. E.g., “I got a single”; “I got a home run”.

6) Matching/Problem Solving: 

1)       Correctly mark out the item that does not belong in a category.

2)       Read a pictograph to find the answers to baseball related questions.

3)       complete the baseball antonym and synonym exercises.

7) Writing/Spelling:    

1)       Trace the upper case “B” and lower case “b”, and the words “Bat”, “Hat” and “Baseball”.

2)       Trace and write the number “8” and trace and write the word “eight”.

3)       Trace the sports words and match the word to the picture

4)       Write a story about a baseball game.

5)       Color the MN Twins logo or T.C. Bear

6)       Find the baseball related words in a crossword puzzle.

7)       Unscramble the 20 baseball words.

8) Reading/Phonics/Literacy:  

1)       Read the baseball word list.

2)      Calendar/Schedule reading. Read the MN Twins 2011 Schedule.

  1)  Name what month we are in and what the date is.

                2) Answer when we play Cleveland at home next.

      3) Figure out the days that Seattle is playing the Twins.

                4) How many days is each series?

                5) When do we play Kansas City next?

 6) Who are the Twins playing today?

3)       Read the baseball bar graph and answer the 9 questions.

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