Thursday, June 26, 2014

Favorite Therapy Item Thursday Post: Magnet Paper! A Guest Post From Denise From Speech Language Pirates

Shanda and I are excited to welcome, Denise Polley, M.S., CCC-SLP from Speech Language Pirates to our blog today to guest post on her favorite therapy item.  She is a talented and crafty SLP who works with elementary and preschool public school kiddos and who makes her own useful and creative products.  You can check these out over at her wonderful Speech Language Pirates Teachers Pay Teachers Store today by following this link: Speech Language Pirates At TPT.

We really appreciate Denise's friendly and informative post on how magnet paper can help out in the speech therapy room. Thanks so much Denise for reminding us all how useful magnets are for creating a fun and educational speech therapy experience for our students.  Enjoy the post everyone! 

Manda & Shanda

Hey there! It's Denise, from Speech Language Pirates and I'm here to tell you about my favorite therapy item. My favorite thing about doing therapy is that I can incorporate my love of crafting, so my favorite therapy item has a little something to do with that. But, I promise you don't have to be too crafty to be able to use it!

One of my very favorite things to make therapy materials with is magnet paper!

magnet (1)

It's as easy to create with as a piece of paper, but it's a step up in fun! I originally got the idea from this pin. Each pack (I bought Avery brand) came with 5 sheets. I love using magnets to make sets for barrier games. The Angry birds set I made was 3 pages total, so I needed 2 packs of magnet paper to make 2 sets of angry birds pieces.

magnet (3)

You just insert a sheet into your printer and out comes this! I wasn't sure the image would hold up, so I chose to ModPodge over the top of each page. This step is not essential, but it might help them hold up a little better when tiny fingers are picking at them. I just cut out each piece and had my kids go to town! Kids freak over these birds, so they LOVED this game! There are great opportunities for language with the above set: short/long, shapes, colors, vocabulary, describing, not to mention the concepts that go along with ANY barrier game (i.e. location concepts, following directions, etc.). I use the magnetic barrier board I already own to use these, but you could also use a magnetic personal whiteboard/chalkboard for each student if you don't have this Super Duper version.

magnet (4)

You can use magnet paper with any images you find (that you might usually use Velcro with). I also made this fun game into magnets 2 winters ago.

magnet (2)

There are a million uses for magnet paper! I hope you enjoy these fun versions that I've shared!


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