Monday, April 28, 2014

Cinco De Mayo Speech and Language-Themed Therapy Sessions



Some of our speech and language students started at our main speech room door. They helped to move the cactus around using different prepositions, attempted saying and repeating Spanish phrases, and answered "yes" and "no" and "WH" questions about the Cinco De Mayo Theme.

Next they moved out into the hallway. They named colors and attempted to say the Spanish color names after hearing us produce them slowly too! Then, they picked out a Mexican Cowboy hat for the scavenger hunt which came next!

On the scavenger hunt they found different colored beads and maracas as they filled their Mexican Cowboy or Cowgirl hat! Different goals for each student were addressed i.e., this boy was working on his /s/ sound, another was attempting to name the colors, and yet another repeated full sentences, "I found a red beaded necklace."
Guess what they found at the end of the scavenger hunt? A TACO BAR! Each student was able to choose what kind of taco they would like to make (hard shell, soft shell, or a walking taco). They needed to follow the directions to make them as seen on the picture direction sheet. Spanish naming and articulation goals were addressed for each individual student, as well, as sequencing, memory of tasks, and open ended "wh" questions. For example, "What step did we do first, second...?" or "What is your favorite ingredient in a taco?" 

This student chose to make a taco bowl! A yummy treat for him to take home or to munch on while we practice a receptive or writing activity next.

Back to the main speech room! It is here where we used our maracas to sound out each of our multi-syllable words, to shake the number of syllables in words, and for saying each word slowly and carefully in a 4 or 6 word sentence.  
Depending on the goal, we fed the sombrero our cards! Many ages of kids enjoy doing this-ha!  Some of the cards/goals that were used were: Listening for details, Naming/RepeatingSpanish family members/Spanish body parts/Spanish numbers/Spanish letters and Spanish Phrases, Name the synonym, Name the Antonym, Formulate a Question From Two Words and Naming Items in a Category.  We also used our Spanish articulation cards.  All of these targets are from our Cinco De Mayo and Spanish Articulation Packets!
This student loves game boards and he always asks me if we can play a "chase" game-ha! We had a great time playing our Cinco De Mayo themed game this week as we targeted his goal of naming items in a category.
Here is a speech student practicing his /f/ sound followed by a vowel using paint dotters!
Crafts are always fun too! This student made this fiesta themed frame from Oriental Trading Company as we practiced his articulation goal of the initial "s" in phrases!

We liked to finish with talking about what we learned today. We discussed: sombreros, Mexico, maracas, music, Spanish words, tacos and Cinco De Mayo while we painted or colored a picture!

Speech and Language therapy is fun, fun, fun!!!
Here are links to our Cinco De Mayo Packets that are filled with a large variety of speech, language and literacy therapy cards and worksheets.  Free pages are included at the previews.  Go on over to our stores to pick one up today so that you can have a muy bien fiesta in your room this week too!:)

Buenos días!

Manda and Shanda, SLPs
Twin Sisters Speech & Language Therapy

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