Monday, February 17, 2014

FREEBIE! 6 Speech Tips To Clearer Speech & Speech Pacing Boards

Hello! We we put together a new freebie for our speech-language pathologist friends who are working on increasing intelligibility and overall verbal expression skills with their students.

The first handout in this freebie packet is a poster titled: Six Speech Techniques For Clearer Speech

These techniques are great ones to review often with our speech students with reduced intelligibility. Here is a description of each step to review before and during speech practice of multi-syllable words and sentence productions.

1) Increase loudness: This is a great cue for the soft talker who is hard to hear as a reduced voice intensity can be a big part to reduced speaking intelligibility.

2) Say each word slower: Decreasing the students rate of speech often improves their intelligibility.

3) Swallow: This is to help clear any built up saliva in the students mouth. Built up saliva or other food or liquid residue can impede speaking intelligibility quite a bit.

4) Say each sound in every word: This really helps to slow down the fast talker and to remind them that each sound is important to say.

5) Sit up straight: This helps increase breath support and improves the students ability to project their voice and be heard.

6) Look at your listener: This helps to provide additional facial clues to your listener and that improves overall understanding. This also shows that the student is an interested person in the on-going conversation and that they care about what is being said.

The additional two pages in this freebie are pacing boards. Please have the student who needs to slow down and concentrate more on their individual sounds within words or the words within their sentences use them. They are to simply tap a penguin or number for each syllable or word that they producing out loud. The tapping on the page is a nice visual and tactile reminder of what it is like to slow down and to concentrate on each production while talking to others. It helps to remind the student that every sound and word is important and that they should not be missed when talking!

Enjoy the freebie and best wishes for much success with improving the speaking intelligibility, and the overall multisyllable word and sentence verbal productions for all of your students.

Manda Riebel, M.A. CCC-SLP &
Shanda Gaunt, M.S. CCC-SLP
Speech- Language Pathologists
Twin Sisters Speech & Language Therapy LLC

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