Sunday, January 19, 2014

Our Snow Themed Speech and Language Therapy Week

This is what it looks like for Shanda this week outside her door in Minnesota (minus the digital snowman)

This is what it looks like for Manda this week who is on vacation in Florida.

Not to be too revengeful, but Shanda decided to make this and next weeks theme at the speech clinic all about SNOW!  Ha! No, I wasn't jealous of Manda this week- not at all:)

Snow, Snow, Snow!!! We have a TON of it outside our doors at the speech clinic, but it can be fun to talk about inside too!  On our speech door we put up a cute sign that is free at Speechpages.  We played super fun games of "Pin the Hat on the Bear" and  "Snowman Toss".  We always get our speech and language goals rolling outside our room with motor activities like the ones shown in the pictures. It gets the students engaged right away.  We have them repeat and answer one of their goal targets with each turn. On the door we had students putting the snowmen in order from 1-10, finding what was different in the picture, labeling snowmen body parts and completing size discrimination questions on snowflakes.
Games are a blast. We brought out the cold themed ones! We played Don't Break the Ice, Don't Rock the Boat, and used a winter themed game board from our winter themed articulation packets (seen in next picture).  

In addition, it was fun for the little ones as they gave each animal a trip down the slide as they imitated or named each alphabet on the animal from the Fisher Price A to Z learning zoo set. We have several students working on /s blends/ so winter is a perfect time for those sound targets. 

Also, we read a cute book called "Snowflake the Snowman" as we practiced the /s blends/ and also worked on literacy and reading comprehension goals.
Crafts, especially sticker scenes are perfect for turn taking and for having fun too! We found some cute winter themed interactive sticker sheets at Oriental Trading Company. We also made book markers with snowmen jokes on them. I also gave several students a list of winter themed books that they could enjoy and find at the library. Reading is perfect when it's so cold outside.  We had a great time using the speech and language reinforcers roll and color pages from the Speech Bucket too.
We completed numerous other snow related worksheets and activities as well.
Some of our favorites are shown above. All links of  pictures are listed below!
Have fun and stay warm wonderful winter friends!

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