Monday, June 3, 2013

Father's Day Speech, Language, & Articulation Themed Unit With Crafts!

We have put together 78 pages of fun Father's Day themed activities for you to do with your students this Father's Day!

Inside the packet you will find games, reinforcer pages, literacy, language and verbal expression therapy cards and worksheets!

Don't miss out on the fun "mow like dad" articulation task. Your speech students will have a lot of fun mowing up their speech sounds while they practice their targeted speech sound!

Also, at the end of the document you will find a wide variety of cards to be made for Dad or Grandpa. They will be a great personalized gift for those special guys in our life this Father's Day!
Please download the preview at our TpT and/or TN stores to see the content pages and many sample pages found in this terrific unit!

We will be giving away two of these documents within the week.  Please enter via the rafflecopter option below and GOOD LUCK!

Have a happy Father's Day!
Manda & Shanda, SLP's
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Jayne Watkin said...

I'd love to see early developing sound packets.

Twin Sisters Speech and Language Therapy said...

Hi Jayne,
Thanks for the comment! We do plan to make more packets for the younger children, but we have already made a few different ones targeting early speech sounds. Will you please see our 0-3 tab for more information on those documents? Thanks a bunch! Manda

Tatyana Elleseff said...

i'd love to see more holiday/seasonal related packets which include text on history of the specific holiday/event, comprehension questions, vocabulary definitions, as well as synonyms, antonyms, multiple meaning words, and compare and contrast activities with the words from the text.

Anne said...

I, too, would love to see holiday packets, as well as some book based packs. Thanks!

Denise said...

Love the ideas in your Thematic Speech and Language Sessions. I plan to implement some in the next school year. Your blog has so many great ideas. Thank you for sharing. I've been an SLP for many years and the concept of blogging is the best way for new slps and older slps to learn and grow.

Sharon said...

I really use vocabulary building activities the most during our speech/language sessions!

Anonymous said...

My older elementary students like themed units. I would like to see some non-fiction facts/text information. Higher level vocabulary with definitions. Fact/Opinions, and finding details to support response.

Twin Sisters Speech and Language Therapy said...

Thank you for the great ideas everyone! Enjoy your Father's Day with that special guy in your life! The winners of the packet will be announced soon!
Manda, SLP

Rae's Speech Spot said...

I allays look for packs that include activities for pronouns and pretty much an early language development! Your pre-k packs are great!

Thpeech Teach said...

Aloha! I think you have covered so much already! Mahalo for sharing! I'm a mobile therapists so I need portable things that don't require a bunch of materials!

Twin Sisters Speech and Language Therapy said...

Congrats Angela and Jane. Please look for the document to arrive in your email boxes today. Have a nice Father's Day!
Manda & Shanda, SLP's


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